If you want to know ‘Where to scrap my car’ – The Scrappers can help!

If you are searching online to find a scrapyard close to you, then you may be using the term ‘Where to scrap my car’ but you won’t have to if you use The Scrappers.

With a network of reputable recycling centres, The Scrappers are keen to recycle your unwanted car or van and offer the best price for scrapping it.

The scrap price is guaranteed and you will be paid instantly into your bank account.

However, one of the big advantages of using The Scrappers to scrap your car is that you will remove the risk from recycling your unwanted vehicle by using a reputable company.

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Finding a good scrapyard using the term ‘Where to scrap my car’ means The Scrappers will be able to help.

The car and van scrapping process

In addition, The Scrappers guarantee that there are no hidden costs and no surprise charges and you will be dealing with professionals at every step of the car and van scrapping process.

You can either use the online quoting system or contact The Scrappers directly knowing that with more than 25 years in the salvage industry that when it comes to recycling cars and vans, they are the professionals.

The car that you recycle will be broken down for any usable spare parts to be sold on and many are also sent overseas, so you will be helping others maintain their vehicle with your used parts.

The ultra-efficient recycling system also ensures that the hazardous materials in your vehicle will be dealt with properly so they don’t harm our environment.

Always use an authorised treatment facility

It’s for this reason that you should always use an authorised treatment facility to ensure that the dismantling process is carried out carefully and there’s no risk to people or the environment.

An authorised treatment facility is one that is licensed and monitored by the Environment Agency to ensure that it complies with health and safety laws and to protect the environment for all of us.

Unfortunately, you may be tempted by a slightly better price with an unauthorised scrapyard but you run the risk that your vehicle will not be disposed of properly and also the prospect of receiving a criminal record and a fine.

That’s because you will be held legally responsible for whatever happens to your vehicle after you pass it on and, more importantly, you will not have a certificate of destruction which is legal proof that you’ve disposed of your vehicle in a safe and legally-compliant way.

Information about ‘Where to scrap my car’

If you would like more help and information about ‘Where to scrap my car’ then the friendly Scrappers team can help – you can use their online facilities to find a scrapyard near you pay and be paid the best prices.