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I want to sell my van quickly



Judging by the change in weather, autumn is on the way!

Not Fiat for purpose!

The nights will be closing in earlier than they have been. That damp old bone chill will soon return.

In a way, considering the year we’ve had so far, is anyone even bothered that summer’s nearly over?

Nah, neither are we! 😆

In fact The Scrappers are looking forward to autumn and winter and the cosier times ahead the colder seasons bring.

It’s always a good idea to get your car serviced before winter kicks in. Make sure you’re safe on the roads for whatever the weather chucks at you.

And you may also be thinking, ‘actually I want to sell my car quickly and get another car for winter’.

When the end of the month approaches as it does everything month, your car might need taxing again. That often begs the question, “should I get rid of my car”. Or you might be thinking, “I want to sell my van quickly”. It can throw up all sorts of motor vehicle related musings.

At the end of the day nobody wants to chuck money at something they don’t feel they are getting any value for.

So if the time has come to sell your vehicle in Bolton or scrap a car Bolton, or sell a car no matter where you are based in the UK – it’s time to call on The Scrappers.

With a nationwide network of reliable friendly collection agents, your vehicle can be sold in no time at all and with a decent sum of money coming your way.


Selling your car to The Scrappers takes the hassle out of selling a car. Instead of having to advertise it in the paper or on an online car sales website, you can just call up the Scrappers or go online and be guaranteed an instant sale!

This means you know your money is on the way for you to buy another car.

There’s no waiting around for weeks and being let down by people who promise to come and see your current vehicle. It’s the hassle free way to sell any car.

Alternatively your car may be ready for the scrap heap, you’ve had plenty of miles out of it but now it’s done in. It wants to float off to car heaven – otherwise known as the Scrappers yard!

It wouldn’t be worth the money it costs to tax so why bother – when glorious grabber Gloria can get her claws stuck in!

Perhaps you have a car or van that doesn’t even run anymore, your vehicle is simply taking up precious space in your driveway. Then get rid!

Call The Scrappers, they won’t waste time. That eyesore will be no more! Instead whatever is left that can be salvaged in the old girl will be and the rest will be ripped and shredded by Gloria and then taken off to be recycled.

So do something good today, scrap or sell your car the green way. The Scrappers are an authorised treatment facility which ensures safe dismantling and handling or end of life vehicles.

Give the team a call on 01204 388488. Or go online and let’s get the ball rolling!!