‘I want to scrap my car’ – The Scrappers explain how

If you are searching online using the term ‘I want to scrap my car’, then in this article The Scrappers team will explain how this is done.

Firstly, the laws covering the scrapping of vehicles have changed in recent years and there are some obligations you will need to meet.

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Perhaps the most important is that you should use an authorised treatment facility because only these licensed scrap yards can issue a certificate of destruction which is proof that you’ve legally disposed of your vehicle.

Also, these treatment facilities are monitored by the Environment Agency to ensure that they uphold the highest standards when it comes to safety and for recycling as much of your scrap car as possible.

Needing a scrap car collection organised

The other issue for those who are searching for information about how to scrap a car is that you may be needing a scrap car collection organised to get rid of your unwanted vehicle.

Again, The Scrappers can help and have a network of agents capable of collecting your scrap car at a time to suit you and they will pay cash when doing so.

Indeed, with more than 25 years of experience in scrapping cars and dealing with hundreds of salvage vehicles every week means that The Scrappers offer the best prices for your vehicle.

Whether it’s been in an accident and has been written off or is simply too expensive to carry out any repairs, then we are interested in offering you money to take your vehicle off your hands.

Searching online for a scrap yard with the term ‘Scrap my car today’

It’s possible that if you are searching online for a scrap yard with the term ‘Scrap my car today’ to find a firm who can deal with this, then The Scrappers are able to do so.

We have a large recycling centre in Bolton to deal with huge numbers of vehicles and we will strip out any parts that can be sold on and then recycle much of what remains. We also sell engines to buyers in the UK and overseas and there is a strong demand for spare parts from this country.

This is also why we are able to pay the best prices because we need lots of vehicles to meet this demand from customers looking for spare parts and from overseas as we send container loads of spare parts and engines to those buyers.

Essentially, if you’re searching for ‘I want to scrap my car’, then the easiest thing to do is to contact The Scrappers to find out how much your vehicle is worth and to arrange collection or use their free, no obligation online quoting system to find out how much you could earn and then arrange for an agent to pick up your scrap car or van.