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I want to scrap my car Preston


There’s no bigger buzz in the scrap industry than picking up cars and vans for scrap and parts – it’s what we are best at.

And the lovely thing is we meet some fantastic people along the way.

We hear some really moving stories about why it was finally time for them to part with their car or van or truck or bike.

And of course, bidding farewell to that vehicle can be a really emotional time for anyone.

That’s why our collection agents always have time to listen to folk up and down the country.

That’s because we cover the whole nation as well as Bolton and the northwest collecting scrap cars and vans.

So if your vehicle isn’t running well, if it’s going to cost an arm and leg to repair, call us. Maybe it’s an insurance write-off, perhaps it has failed it’s MOT or you’ve just come to the end of the road with your old car.

For whatever reason then it could be time to ring us and move on from that old vehicle.

It’s so easy to scrap a car in Bolton or in the northwest or nationwide. To get a quick and easy valuation call 01204 388 488 and we can give you a vehicle valuation in no time at all. It takes minutes!

Or if you pop on to our website you can obtain the true valuation of your car or van – not just it’s scrap worth.

Bolton’s top breakers yard The Scrappers always pay the best prices for scrap cars and scrap vans and trucks and bikes – no arguments.

It’s what we are known for!

And remember,  you don’t have to hail from Bolton to use us because we operate on a national scale.


So you may be searching online for, ‘I want to scrap my car Preston’. Or you may be scrolling for ‘scrap my car Leeds” and The Scrappers turn up in your search – don’t worry – it’s not a mistake. Because our network of collection agents stretch nationwide and will come and collect your scrap vehicle for free.

And as we always mention, you will get the best price for scrapping a car locally. And that’s no matter where it is local to you. This is because your local is our local.

Don’t forget we are also suppliers of quality used car parts locally because we run a 24/7 online service.

So if you need a replacement battery delivered or a replacement gearbox we can hunt down that particular part for you and it will normally arrive the next day.

If you’re after quality used engines or part-worn tyres, used steering wheel or replacement seats, call us. You might be after car panels, basically anything and everything is available. That’s because we are one of the largest vehicle breakers and salvage yards in the UK.

Why not go online and see what vehicles we have been breaking?

Struggling to find a particular part? Then ask our team who will work tirelessly to find it for you.

Our friendly team will be only too pleased to help you.

So whatever your needs, wherever you are located, The Scrappers are here to help you – getting you back on the road again with quality used car parts at bargain prices.

Or if you want to make the most money for a new vehicle why not sell your current car and get paid the best price.

The Scrappers are an authorised treatment facility.  They will take your car apart, depolutte it and reuse the parts that are still in good working order. The rest will be solid as scrap metal. Eventually the metal is recycled and turned into something else, eg a spoon or a radio aerial or anything you can think of!

Call us 01204 388488.