Scrap metal in the best scrap yard in Bolton

How you can find the best scrap yard in Bolton

If you are looking to find the best scrap yard in Bolton and want to deal with experts who pay the best scrap car prices, then you need The Scrappers.

Along with being the leading scrap yard in the North West, the friendly team can give you a quote for your scrap car or van and then arrange a convenient time for a free collection.

In addition, The Scrappers have a large range of quality used car parts for sale, including engines and gearboxes that carry a guarantee, and there’s another good reason why they offer the best prices.

Along with being late model breakers, The Scrappers have a thriving business in exporting car parts to various countries overseas, including Nigeria, Poland and Spain.

On top of that, they also operate a network of scrap car agents around the country who can collect your scrap car for free – wherever you are.

Non-running vehicles and MOT failures

And for those who have a salvage vehicle – that’s one that has been written off by the insurers – then The Scrappers pay top prices for them and for non-running vehicles and MOT failures. They are also interested in buying accident damaged and running cars.

When you search online looking for a vehicle dismantling firm, you need to ensure that you only deal with professionals and that means they must be an authorised treatment facility.

There are two reasons why you need to use an authorised treatment facility, and they are:

  • ATF’s are monitored by the Environment Agency to ensure they meet the laws for the disposing of scrap cars and vans
  • Only an ATF can give you a Certificate of Destruction which proves you have disposed of your scrap car or van in a legal way.

This is also a good point to highlight that the team will take care of the paperwork and tell the DVLA that you have scrapped your car properly.

Picking up an unwanted car or van

Scrap metal in the best scrap yard in Bolton

When you need to contact a scrap yard in Bolton, just call the team at The Scrappers.

So, along with picking up an unwanted car or van, the team will pay the agreed price straight into your bank account when they pick up your vehicle.

Do not accept an offer from a scrap yard who say they will pay you in cash because it is illegal to do this and it’s highly likely that they will not be an authorised treatment facility.

In addition, you will not be given a Certificate of Destruction and you run the risk of being fined for not scrapping your car in a legal way.

Put simply, for peace of mind when you are searching for the best scrap yard in Bolton, you should contact The Scrappers on 01204 388488 or use their online free scrap car quotation form.