A salvage car being collected in Bolton.

How to sell my salvage car in Bolton?

Get the best price for your accident damaged car

It may not be a term you that have heard of before but if you want to know ‘How to sell my salvage car in Bolton?’, then this article is for you.

Firstly, a salvage car is not strictly speaking a scrap car because it is a vehicle that has been written off by the insurance firm.

That’s usually because it has been involved in an accident and the cost of repairs will outweigh the car’s actual value at that time.

This means that salvage cars are worth more than scrap cars usually because they are late models and their spare parts can be removed and sold on.

Sell a salvage car for cash

So, for those who want to sell a salvage car for cash, you will find there are lots of scrap yards interested in taking your salvage vehicle.

However, you should deal with experts and those who have a sound reputation working in the industry and since The Scrappers have more than 25 years of experience and for paying the best salvage vehicle prices, then you should start your search for salvage car experts with them.

The first step is to get a quote for your salvage vehicle and you can do this by either using the online free quotation form or by calling the friendly team directly.

Quote for a salvage vehicle

A salvage car being collected in Bolton.

Want to know ‘How to sell my salvage car in Bolton?’ – then you need the experts at The Scrappers.

When finding a quote for a salvage vehicle, it’s best to be honest about the condition of your car.

It’s not usually a problem for The Scrappers to buy an insurance write-off, particularly one that’s been involved in an accident because it’s still worth money as scrap metal.

Once you’ve agreed on the salvage price, the team will collect your car for free and it will be taken to an authorised treatment facility, that’s one monitored by the Environment Agency, where it will be depolluted and the spare parts removed and sold on.

And while the price for scrap will vary, you may want to sell your car quickly and The Scrappers offer the best prices paid in the Bolton area – and they will pick up the car at a time that suits you.

Essentially, if you want to know more about how you can ‘sell my salvage car in Bolton’, then you need to speak with the friendly team at The Scrappers on (01204) 388488.