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How to scrap your car – and earn £££s!

Tips on how to scrap your car and earn the most money

When it comes to learning how to scrap your car and earning the best price, most car owners may simply opt to contact one scrap yard.

By doing so, they may not be aware that there may be better prices available elsewhere along with a free scrap car collection.

For most car owners who have had a reliable vehicle for several years, it’s always a sad day when the cost of your car repairs turn out to be more than your cherished vehicle is worth.

So, while it is a sad decision to scrap a car, do you know how to go about scrapping your vehicle?

Dealing with a car scrap yard

While many of us will be happy dealing with a car scrap yard, or a vehicle recycler as some may call them, the process for scrapping a car or van in the UK is straightforward and painless though you need to be aware of the laws that you must comply with when it comes to scrapping your car.

Failure to comply with this process could see you being fined.

Along with having a free scrap car collection, the car scrap yard will offer you money for your unwanted vehicle.

Sadly, the price of scrap metal from scrap metal dealers has dropped considerably in recent months, so the price of aluminium, copper and steel means scrap cars are not worth as much as they were.

Contacting scrap yards in your area

You may even find that some scrap car firms will even try to charge you for the privilege of taking your car away. Do not entertain this idea, you should carry on contacting scrap yards in your area or speak with the friendly team at The Scrappers.

A lot depends on the make and model of your scrap car or van as to how much a scrap yard will pay for it; unless it is an expensive or rare model, then you will be offered a realistic price.

If your unwanted car or van is a salvage vehicle, which means it has been written off by the insurance firm, or your scrap car is just a few years old or was expensive when new, then it’s likely your vehicle will command a premium from a vehicle recycler.

Using recycled or used car parts

One reason for this is that scrap yards have a big demand from customers wanting to repair their vehicle using recycled or used car parts. This means that new and more prestige vehicles, such as Mercedes, BMW and Jaguar, are very much in demand.

There may be those who have a car to scrap and are reading this article and thinking they will be able to strip their valuable parts to sell on.

While you may be handy with spanners, you’ll need somewhere to keep the used spare parts and the car’s shell while you sell your parts.

However, you will need to appreciate that a scrap car firm is unlikely to be interested in a half-stripped body shell since there’s no real value in it, so they may charge you to remove it.

Earning the best price when scrapping your car

scrap your car - lots of cars for processing

When you need to scrap your car, use the experts at The Scrappers.

The tips for earning the best price when scrapping your car include:

  • Contact three or four car scrap yards
  • Compare their offers for scrap car prices
  • Choose the best offer
  • Arrange for a free scrap car collection
  • Be paid directly into your bank account.

The best tip when you need to know how to scrap your car and earn the best price is to speak with the friendly team at The Scrappers on 01204 388488 today – no matter where you are in the UK.