How to scrap my car with The Scrappers

The best way to scrap my car with The Scrappers is to call the friendly team to find out how much your unwanted vehicle is worth and when they can pick it up.

While based in the North West of England, The Scrappers can pick up your vehicle wherever you live as they have a network of friendly and professional agents who will arrange a time to suit you and pay instantly into your bank account.

It helps that the team will be offering the best price for your scrap vehicle and they will ensure that it is recycled properly as they are an authorised treatment facility.

Why is this important? Because not using an authorised treatment facility means you run the risk of dealing with a rogue scrapyard and there’s no guarantee that their recycling process is environmentally friendly and, worryingly, you will not be handed a certificate of destruction.

Proof you have scrapped your vehicle properly

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Don’t waste time searching for ‘scrap my car near me’ – The Scrappers can come to you wherever you are. Call us 01204 388488.

The certificate of destruction is proof that you have scrapped your vehicle properly and not doing so means you could be liable should your scrap car or van being dumped by the scrapping firm.

One reason why people run the risk of dealing with rogue scrapyards is that they may be offering slightly more money and paying in cash. The issue here is that it’s no longer legal to pay cash for unwanted vehicles and you must be paid directly into a bank account.

Also, your vehicle may be dumped on a verge and you will need to pay to have it removed, which may cost more than you were paid in the first place.

It’s always best for peace of mind to deal with professionals, and to get the best price and proof that you have disposed of your scrap vehicle properly, then the best way of doing this is to call The Scrappers.

A reputable scrapyard

When you hand over your vehicle to a reputable scrapyard, it’s a good idea to have the V5 logbook to hand though not every scrapping firm will require this, since they will be needing proof of ID in order to pay you promptly.

Professional scrapyards will also deal with the paperwork so the relevant part on the V5 is completed, which is proof that you handed your vehicle to a scrapping firm.

In turn, they will also inform DVLA that your car has been scrapped and you are no longer legally liable for it.

This is also a good point to highlight that rogue vehicle scrapping firms may buy your car or van and then use it for illegal purposes – so any speeding and parking tickets they rack up will be yours to pay. It’s really important to deal with a reputable firm.

If you are searching with a term ‘scrap my car’ and you want to earn the best price when doing so, then save yourself the time and trouble and contact the experts at The Scrappers on 01204 388488.