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How to scrap my car legally?


Due to Covid-19, unless you’re living in the same household, car sharing isn’t being recommended right now.

This will come as a blow for the majority of people who want to be as green as possible. It means green-thinking motorists are having to take a step backwards and revert back to being in their own vehicle. No doubt they will be feeling disappointed right now.

Over the past few years there has been a major shift towards being as environmentally aware as possible as a driver.

Electric cars – which even have their own official recognised date now; September 9 – are being championed more than ever. And there’s the suggestion that all new vehicles in the UK should be fuel-free in 15 years.

This is all promising news in giving a greener world the green light.

But there are still ways motorists can be environmentally safe right here, right now.


A good case in point is turning to car salvage yards for their vehicle needs – that is where The Scrappers take a platform.

Being an Authorised Treatment Facility with WAMITAB approval The Scrappers main goal is to be as green as possible.

ATF breakers yards are critical in the scrap car industry as they ensure when you scrap a vehicle it is processed in accordance with Government standards.

All pollutants, like fuel, oil, windscreen cleaner are removed professionally so that these liquids don’t pose a threat to people, animals, plants and the general habitat.

Then the vehicle is broken for parts. Who in their right mind would toss away a decent used car part when it can be readily used in another car?

Not in The Scrappers yard – that’s for sure.

Everything that can be used again is, the scrap car game is recycling at it best. It’s a mantra the Scrappers will never forget.

When all the parts that can be used again have been, the rest goes over to the grabber Gloria to rip to shreds and prep for scrap metal collection.

On average The Scrappers see their metal collection monster truck three times a day! What does that say about recycling?!

It really is a green game this scrap business.

So if you’re gutted about not being able to car share, remember there are other ways a motorist can be green.


If you are thinking about ‘buy used car parts Bolton’ let the Scrappers help.

If you are wondering, “where is an ATF near me?” call the Scrappers. If you are thinking, “how to scrap my car legally?’ contact the Scrappers again!

You really couldn’t make a greener choice.

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The Scrappers – Stay safe, stay green.