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How to get the best scrap price for your car or van

If you want to know how you can get the best scrap price for your car or van, then read on.

In this article, we will describe how to scrap or recycle your vehicle and ensure you get the best price possible.

It’s important to understand that there are laws in place to ensure the process of scrapping cars is done correctly. Failure to comply could lead you to being fined.

Also, the UK scraps around two million cars every year and the prices being paid are linked to the worldwide demand for recycled plastics and metals.

Obviously, some cars will be broken up for their parts before they are crushed but unless you’re scrapping an expensive car, it’s unlikely the price being offered will be unaffected by current demand.

Essentially, when there is an economic boom for materials such as plastics and metal, prices will be high. Conversely, when demand falls then prices will also fall.

Look for the best scrap price

There will also be some people who think that they can break-up their own vehicle and then sell on the parts rather than look for the best scrap price.

If you have the space to store the vehicle and the time to dismantle it, this might be your best option for raising the most money. You also need to be aware that should you need a half stripped body shell to be collected, then the scrap dealer may charge you for doing so.

However, not everyone is handy with spanners and it is simply easier to contact a firm of scrappers, or vehicle recyclers, who you can trust. This will mean speaking with ‘The Scrappers’ to get the best price possible.

There are a number of ways of finding the best price for your vehicle when it needs to be scrapped:

  • Check online because there’s lots of information available
  • Recycle in the right place because most of your car’s components can be reused and, under EU legislation, 95% of a car must be recycled but not every recycling facility will have the correct licence.

This last point is an important one and when looking to scrap your vehicle then look for Authorised Treatment Facilities (ATF) since they are legally permitted for the disposal of scrap cars and are geared up to deal with hazardous materials such as batteries and oil.

Recycling your vehicle anywhere else might be a criminal offence

Another important point is that an ATF are the only ones authorised for issuing you with a Certificate of Destruction and we should highlight that recycling your vehicle anywhere else might be a criminal offence.

You also need to notify the DVLA and your V5C document will have a section to be completed and then exchanged for a Certificate of Destruction and it’s this that must be sent to the DVLA so you avoid being liable for road tax.

Finally, since October 2013, it is illegal for anyone who isn’t authorised in England and Wales to pay cash for scrap vehicles and you should be wary of anyone who appears willing to do so.

The same law also states that you must show the vehicle recycler proof of your identification and address and they must make a copy of this.

Essentially, the price you might enjoy for scrapping your vehicle will fluctuate so there’s no set answer to the question: How much will I get for scrapping my car? You will need to speak with the vehicle recycling centre directly and it’s likely that if you are in the North West of England then The Scrappers are the ones to contact.