How to get best price for my scrap car

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Best Price For My Scrap Car

Who needs a service station stop-off, when motorists can have a toilet drop-off in the comfort of their car!
Never mind poop bags for your dog, humans can also enjoy the convenience of their very own toilet bags that even solidify waste so all toilet business can be conducted in your vehicle.
Just look at The Go Anywhere Toilet Kit!! It includes a waste disposal bag which is pre-loaded with Magic Poo Powder, a special gelling and deodorising agent that turns waste into a gel and neutralises any bad smell. The kit also comes with toilet paper, hand sanitiser and an outer zip disposal bag to avoid any unwanted leaks.
The Magic powder they provide is NASA formulated and apparently deals with the waste directly, helping to “deodorise and break down pee and poop.”
And their Magic Poo Powder turns the liquid waste to solids in seconds.
Everything is then deposited in a self-seal bag which will contain the waste until a convenient disposable opportunity arises.
Do the biz, seal the bag and toss in the trash.
You can even get in-car privacy curtains designed to drape around your motor’s interior.
You could argue that all the setting up with the privacy curtains is a bit too much effort and finding a service station might be easier in the long run.
Come to think of it, at The Scrappers, we’ve yet to buy a scrap car in Bolton or elsewhere, where we’ve found an inbuilt loo!
And we don’t talk toilet either, when you think, ‘I want to scrap my car Bolton way or anywhere nationally we don’t take the p*** either.
We sell 1000s of used car parts too, and let us tell you – they are never cr*p!
That’s why we are the leading car breakers Bolton based and beyond, so scrap a car with us.
We have the best used engines in Bolton and nationwide too.
We pay top money for scrap car, scrap van, scrap vehicle – any old motor.
And we will collect your car and take it to our salvage yard in Bolton where it can be recycled at our Authorised Treatment Facility.
Collection won’t cost you anything, we will pay for your old vehicle and pay the money directly into your bank.
You’ll also know and say to people “I got the best price for my scrap car”.
The Scrappers have a dedicated network of collection agents who will come and take your scrap car. And we are a 24/7 scrap yard open 7 days a week.
When you sell your scrap car locally it will go to our authorised treatment facility and be dismantled so you’ll get a certificate of destruction – legal evidence you have scrapped your car responsibly and to government standards.
So don’t flush this opportunity to be flush away!
Get best price for scrap car Bolton and beyond today. 
Only Authorised Treatment Facilities like ours are monitored by the Environment Agency to guarantee rules and regulations are being followed and you are scrapping your vehicle responsibly.
Call The Scrappers today on (01204) 388488. Or fill out our easy to use online form here.