Cheap used car gearboxes just removed

How to find a cheap gearbox from a scrap yard

Buy a cheap transmission for your car

With hundreds of discounted gearboxes available, The Scrappers have the answer to those asking: ‘How can I find a cheap gearbox from a scrap yard?’

In addition, the family-run business can deliver reconditioned gearboxes anywhere in the country and they have them for just about every make and model of cars and vans.

For those who may be having a gearbox issue, then you will realise how important the gearbox is to your vehicle’s performance.

And any problems with the gearbox must be rectified as soon as possible because should the transmission fail, you’ll be left with a serious problem.

Finding a quality second-hand gearbox

However, when it comes to finding a quality second-hand gearbox, you will need to be reassured that it is in good enough condition for you to use.

It’s really important that this used manual gearbox can be relied upon to do the job you want it to do.

It’s also important that you select the correct manual or automatic gearbox for your car or van and The Scrappers team can help.

For those who need a cheap gearbox, then peace of mind comes with the 30-day warranty offered as standard by The Scrappers and the parts will be cleaned before sending.

Searching for an automatic gearbox

Cheap used car gearboxes just removed

If you want to know how to find a cheap gearbox from a scrap yard, then The Scrappers will help.

So, whether you want to buy a used gearbox, or if you are searching for an automatic gearbox for your vehicle, it’s worth checking first to see if there is a replacement gearbox in stock.

And, for a small fee, The Scrappers can even fit your gearbox at their scrapyard in Bolton if you live close enough – for a small fee.

There is no need to be spending a fortune buying a used gearbox for sale so it’s worth contacting the team on (01204) 388488 or use their free parts quotation form to see how much you can save.

You could obviously use the Internet to find a low-cost transmission from another vehicle breakers, but can you rely on them? Do they have a good reputation, and do they offer their gearboxes at a good price?

These are important questions to ask and you will be reassured to know that The Scrappers is an Authorised Treatment Facility so it is licensed by the Environment Agency to recycle cars, including gearboxes.

When it comes to finding a cheap gearbox from a scrapyard, you need to ask the friendly team at The Scrappers whether your transmission is in stock and how much it will cost to send a gearbox to your home or garage where a repair can be carried out.