How to find a car scrap yard in the UK

You would think it would be a fairly straightforward process to find a car scrap yard in the UK but you need to be wary for several reasons.

While you could use a search engine to find a scrapyard near you, it’s really important that you choose a scrapyard that is also an authorised treatment facility.

The Scrappers is an authorised treatment facility and can pick up your unwanted car or van wherever you are in the UK and pay the best price.

But why use an authorised treatment facility? The simple answer is that you will be reassured that your vehicle is depolluted properly and any parts that can be recycled will be.

Also, only an authorised treatment facility will be able to give you a certificate of destruction which is proof that you have disposed of your scrap vehicle properly and are no longer liable for it.

Scrap your vehicle for cash

scrap car network
Accessing a great scrap car network is easy when you use The Scrappers.

Not using an authorised treatment facility and choosing to scrap your car for cash with an unauthorised scrapyard means you will be held liable for what happens to it afterwards.

This means that you may get parking or speeding fines which you will have to pay because you haven’t disposed of your vehicle in a legal way.

You may have been tempted by a higher cash offer without realising that it’s no longer legal to pay money for a scrap vehicle, so the scrapyard must pay by cheque or direct bank transfer. Anyone offering you a wad of £20 notes should be avoided.

It also needs to be highlighted that your vehicle may be stripped of valuable parts and then dumped on the verge and you will be responsible for having it removed.

The best price for your scrap car or van

Essentially, earning the best price for your scrap car or van with a reputable scrapyard is what will happen when you use The Scrappers.

You can either call them or use their free online facility to find out how much your car or van is worth as scrap.

Go online and simply add your vehicle registration, your postcode and telephone number, click valuation and you will be offered an obligation quote.

The Scrappers are interested in scrap or salvage cars and vans along with motorbikes and trucks.

They can pick up your vehicle at a time to suit you, whether that’s from home or work.

Contact The Scrappers today on (01204) 388488 if you want to find a car scrap yard in the UK.