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How quick is it to scrap a car?


Being a scrap car collection agent is a bit like being a touring rockstar in a heavy metal band – without the groupies!

Scrap Mercedes cars in Bolton

Call The Scrappers on (01204) 388488.

One minutes we’re collecting cars in Preston, the next we might be in Prestatyn!

It’s a great way to tour the nation and meet smashing people along the way.

And although it’s a different form of heavy metal to the likes of ACDC and Black Sabbath – we still get a buzz. We buzz off loading cars on our collection truck and bringing the heavy metal back to our yard!¬†

And just like a fair few of the legendary rockers, the vehicles we collect can be a bit knackered and worse for wear.

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t still life in them!

Very often other parts of these vehicles are still in great nick and can go on and rock another day in another motor.

It’s a bit like when you hear some songs and you’re pretty certain you’ve heard something similar before.

But this truly is recycling at its best!


That’s why scrapping your end of life car is a true superstar move!

The parts which can be salvaged from these legendary rock star cars we’ve collected. They can go on rocking in a free world at our Bolton breakers yard!

They are cleaned up and become quality used car parts in Bolton and for cars and vans in other parts of the UK and globally.

Just like rock stars, The Scrappers also get around – exporting used car parts around the world and export used engines too.

Even if the engine isn’t running in a scrap car The Scrappers team have the best engine experts on hand with the midas touch!

There could be a couple of components that don’t work correctly, but with their sublime skills, that rundown engine can soon be purring again.

Just like a haggard rockstar that has a few minor tweaks, an engine can have a startling second chance also – as a reconditioned engine.

And speaking of heavy metal…

The Scrappers pay the best prices for scrap metal in Bolton and nationwide. Best prices for ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal – dude!

And it’s all part of this amazing metal recycling chain – like rock stardom it’s an industry that never sleeps.


And don’t forget, The Scrappers have a sister company, All Tyred Up. They are part of The Scrappers and Metro Salvage group. Like rockstars, All Tyred Up are fond of a bit of rubber!! Kinky!

All Tyred Up tends to all tyre related issues and needs as well as exhaust checks. They also do wheel balancing, not to mention sell bargain alloys in Bolton and beyond!

Why not get in touch and the All Tyred Up team will only be too glad to help.

They have hundreds of part-worn tyres and new tyres. All Tyred Up also operates a tyre fitting service taking the faff out of it all. Hey, maybe you’ve got a tourbus that could use new wheels?!

All Tyred Up also provide an air-con recharge service – something to keep in mind for the warmer months.

So, if you need cheap used car parts, want to sell your car, or want new tyres fitted then give the guys in the know a call. ¬†Let’s keep on rocking and a rolling dudes!!!

For scrapping a vehicle and for car parts call 01204 388488.

For anything tyre related call All Tyred Up on 01204 567666.

** If you’re thinking, “How quick is it to scrap a car?” ¬†call or go online and find out today!