How much will a scrapyard pay me for my car?


KEEN camper John Ascroft was sad to see his Nissan Terrano go today, but vowed to carry on camping!

It’s ta-ra for John’s Terrano

The 71-year-old grandad of 14 and great grandad of five finally bid farewell to his treasured Nissan Terrano 2.7 series 2 on Friday morning.

It was a 1999 model, which John had owned for 15 years and had driven all over the UK camping with his wife of 53 years, Sandra.

But when the clutch gave out recently and repairs would have been too costly for the pensioner, John decided to do the right thing and contact the Scrappers.

The retired bus driver from Leyland searched on the net and found Britain’s best known scrapyard in Bolton – The Scrappers.

When the Scrappers made him an offer he couldn’t refuse, trusted collection agent and driver Phil went to pick up John’s pride and joy vehicle for free.


“I loved that car and was sad to see it go, but I have to say I’m pleased with what I got for it,” John told The Scrappers.

“The clutch went on it and being a pensioner I couldn’t afford to have a new one fitted.

“I was unable to drive her anywhere obviously because the clutch had gone, so I went on the internet and found The Scrappers.

“My family were originally from Bolton, and with the Scrappers being in Bolton, I wanted to give a bit of trade back to Bolton!

“I was very sad to see it go. Just hoping I can acquire some more money from somewhere and possibly get another one one day,” he added.

Luckily, John won’t be without wheels for long, he’s been promised new wheels gifted to him from his brother-in -law who recently inherited another vehicle. 

It means he and his wife can continue taking their trailer around the UK and keep on camping.

“My brother in law has inherited a two year old Honda,” explained John.

“He had a Picasso and he knew I needed some transport and he came down to see me and said, “you can have the Picasso if you want… it’ll give me room on my drive for the car I’ve inherited.

“And he didn’t want a penny for it.”

To top it all off Mr Ascroft got a handsome payout from The Scrappers and added,” I was very happy with the quote.

“If I need The Scrappers again, I will use them. I will certainly have a good look at their website and I’m putting a review up because the collection driver was brilliant.


Mr Ascroft admits he’ll miss his Terrano but looks back fondly on the vehicle that clocked up an admirable 103,355 miles.

“She were a brilliant car, she pulled a caravan for about three years. We used to go up Scotland and Wales.

“But we’ve always been into camping more, me and the wife – since we were about 13 or 14 years old.

“We’ve been together for 57 years and married for 53.

“And because we are longtime campers we would often jump out of the caravan to help new campers who struggled with putting their tents up.

“So I said to the wife Sandra, we will get rid of the caravan and go back to camping instead.

“We’ve got a trailer for all the gear and now we have the Picasso we can use it and carry on camping!”

If you have an end of life vehicle you want to scrap or sell, and you’re thinking, “how much will a scrapyard pay me for my car?” why not give The Scrappers a call on 01204 388488. Or visit the website. Just click here