Pile of scrap metal in Bolton UK

How much is a scrap car worth in Bolton?

Scrap car prices will vary – find out why

If you want to know how much is a scrap car worth in Bolton, or anywhere else in the UK, then you need to understand a range of issues.

Firstly, the scrap car price for your vehicle will depend on the price of scrap metal, which fluctuates around the year.

You also need to understand that late-model cars, those are scrap cars that are fairly new, will command a premium because their spare parts will be in more demand.

It’s also important that when you want cash for your scrap car that a scrap yard cannot actually hand you money and they must pay by bank transfer.

Scrap a car for cash

This last point, for those wanting to scrap a car for cash is really important because you will be breaking the law if you accept money and you will not be scrapping your car legally.

That’s because the Scrap Metal Dealers Act means it’s no longer possible to give money for a scrap car.

Instead, you need to use authorised treatment facilities because they offer a certificate of destruction and this is the proof that DVLA will need that your car has been scrapped properly.

It’s always a good idea to get the best scrap car price to search various car breakers yards and you’ll find that the ones that offer the most money will have strong demand for quality used car parts.

Advice on scrapping a car in the UK

Pile of scrap metal in Bolton UK

Want to know how much is a scrap car worth in Bolton? Then The Scrappers will help you find out.

It’s also important when looking for advice on scrapping a car in the UK, that you don’t pay for it to be picked up – as was the case years ago.

Instead, the scrap yard should collect your car for free, though there may be some instances where you may need to pay, for example, if you have removed the valuable spare parts from your car and you’re left with the shell.

Indeed, when you need to sell your scrap car and you want to get the best scrap car price, then it’s important that you are honest about the state and condition of your vehicle so the buyer knows what your car is worth.

There’s no point in removing various parts in a bid to earn more when firms such as The Scrappers will offer the best price and save you the time and trouble of removing and then selling items from your vehicle.

The best way of finding out how much is a scrap car worth in Bolton, or wherever you are in the UK, is to contact The Scrappers on (01204) 388488 or use their free online scrap car instant quotation service.