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How Much For My Scrap Car?


It’s been busy times in The Scrappers yard. blank

We’ve launched our new leg of the business ‘All Tyred Up’. We’re open and ready to sort you with the best new and part worn tyres going.
And we came to the rescue of a motorist who had his catalytic converter stolen while he was in work.
We’ve also been sorting customers out with great value used car parts. It goes without saying we pay the best prices for scrap cars.
But even weekends won’t stop us. We are open seven days a week to buy your car for the best price at our Bolton scrap yard serving the nation.
And our used car parts shop is open 24/7. Replacement exhausts, replacement engines, reconditioned engines, replacement tyres, replacement headlights.
We really could go on forever.
We get folk asking us’ do you sell used BMW car parts’. They also us ‘are you a BMW breakers yard?’
And they want to know, ‘where can I sell my Mercedes?’ and ‘are you a Honda parts dealer?’
They ask all these questions and so many more.
We are also  the friendliest car scrap yard in Bolton serving the whole of the UK.
And we will take any car and pay you a handsome price. We deal with all makes and models so we are a Ford scrap yard and Ford scrap dealers. We give you the best scrap van prices. Please remember this,  just because we are car breakers Bolton are – the whole of the UK come to to scrap a car and get the best prices.
We are also a Hyundai scrap yard, a Hyundai breakers yard. If you are thinking, “I want scrap value for Ford transit,” just go online and find out the value. And we don’t pay just scrap value, we pay actual vehicle value – the going rate.
If you’re thinking, “who are the best payers for scrap cars?”
We are renowned for being the best payers.
Come to The Scrappers, we’ll not see you short – you’ll get the best deals for your wheels. 
Speaking of wheels we can sort you out with tyres, new and part worn. All the top brands.
We can help you with wheel balance, air pressure checks, new alloys, anything tyre related.
So if the following thoughts have recently occurred to you, we can give you the answers.
If you have thought, “scrap my car locally,” or “where can I scrap my car,” contact us. If you want to know, “how much for my scrap car”, contact us.
You might be thinking, ‘where can I scrap my van?” or “best payout for scrap vans”, then contact us!
And if you’re thinking, “scrap my truck”, ‘best scrap yard near me,” or “who pays most money for scrap cars near me,” it’s us!
The Scrappers are waiting to hear from you now.
Call us or get in touch online.
Sell your car today and get the best pay. What do you say?! Hurray!
Call (01204) 388488.