How much do you get to scrap a car UK?


When the nation went into lockdown traffic congestion dramatically reduced, around 80 per cent in some areas of the UK.

Now as isolation eases and the country steadily gets back on its feet, more of us are getting behind the wheel again too. 

For an estimated fifth of motorists, the prospect of getting back in the driving seat has instilled a feeling of fear and anxiety.

“Getting used to things like driving again, takes a bit of practice to restore confidence,” reassures Terry Walker founder of The Scrappers scrap yard in Bolton.


Terry should know, he’s been in the car scrap game most of his life.

“It’s probably a good idea to take your car out for a steady spin on a Sunday.Or opt for early evening when it’s quieter on the roads and get used to getting back on the road again. 

“As with so many things in life, practice makes perfect.”

Since the coronavirus pandemic impacted life as we used to know it back in March, the world has had to adjust to the new normal.

But as with anything in life the wheels have to keep turning, especially in industries like ours.

“I suspect people will avoid public transport and use their cars more instead,” adds Terry.

“Invariably that’s going to mean keeping their car running when possible and on a budget too.”


Fortunately, The Scrappers are one of Britain’s biggest scrap yard dealers.  They serve the nation when it comes to used car parts and offering the most generous scrap car payouts. 

And with many car companies offering major discounts on new cars, you may want to sell on or scrap your old car.

The Scrappers are proud to offer great prices for scrap vehicles, money that will come in handier than ever in these times.

For anyone thinking of scrapping a car can get a quick and easy valuation by filling out The Scrappers simple vehicle valuation form here.

And to put any minds at rest, your scrap vehicle will be collected for free by one of The Scrappers official collection agents. It’s a nationwide network, so even though the scrap yard is in Bolton, your scrap vehicle can be collected from anywhere. 

The Scrappers run an authorised treatment facility. This ensures all vehicles are scrapped to government standards. Safety being paramount and without damaging the environment.

Investing thousands of pounds in the latest scrap machinery has enabled The Scrappers to embark on a journey of reaching their goal. The goal is to be a zero waste site by 2025.

The Scrappers are everyone’s local scrap yard. They will take scrap cars, scrap vans, scrap trucks and scrap motorbikes. They also deal in general scrap metal waste too. 

For more information contact them directly on (01204) 388488