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How do I sell my van?


Calling all vans owners and drivers of off-roaders – have you been thinking about selling a van or selling a 4×4?

We buy vans!

Did you know The Scrappers will pay you the best rate going for your van or four-wheel drive regardless of its condition. That includes runners and non-running vehicles.

Also included on the wanted list are accident damaged vehicles too. End of life vans and cars and

MOT failures are also bought meaning nothing’s too shabby… or too fancy either!

The Scrappers are mega vans fans – of all makes and models. There’s no discriminating here!

From the little vans to the medium sized vans and up to the larger vans. Plus they’re after pick-up vans and 4×4 vans, they will also take Minibuses and Camper vans and they’re ever so partial to tipper vans and dropside vans too! Vans, vans, vans – you get the picture?!!


And because every style of van is simply vantastic, every condition of van is too.

Remember that’s from runners to non-running vans with the best prices always being paid.

What kind of van do you want to sell or scrap? Could that be you wanting to sell a Vauxhall van,  sell a Mercedes van, sell a Ford transit van, do you want to sell a Peugeot Boxer van, what if you want to scrap a VW van or sell a VW van? The answer is contact the Scrappers for every van imaginable.

It’s literally every van for himself!!!

Being one of the nation’s largest breakers yards, there are hundreds of van parts in stock at great prices meaning if you’re not ready to part ways with your van, you can keep that vanderful vehicle going by replacing van parts that are affordable.

The Scrappers salvage yard which featured on TV is based in Bolton and serves the nation as well as regularly doing business globally.

It’s one of the greenest vehicle scrap yards around, and a major player in the recycling game.

The yard is an authorised treatment facility, which ensures vehicles are dismantled, depolluted and dealt with in a safe manner following government safety measures.


How do I sell my van? How do I sell my 4×4?

Whether you scrap a van in Manchester, say, or sell a van in Bolton, or want to trade in your 4×4 in Bournemouth – no matter where The Scrappers will come and collect your van or your 4×4 for free.

Give them a call, or go on their website. Just click here.

The friendly team will be waiting to hear from you 01204388488.

We are still giving away our funny The Scrappers team member mugs away in return for a donation to a great cause.

Please dig deep and help support Bolton Royal’s Special Care Baby Unit.

The staff work flat out looking after sick and preterm babies. Please give what you can to support this critical care unit. We are hoping to raise £1,000 and will present the staff with a cheque when we’ve reached our goal amount.

To donate please visit the just giving page here

Thank you in advance.