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How do I sell my car myself?

Best prices paid for Toyota Corolla


A 90-year-old grandma who has dealt with family heartbreak after losing two of her three children – has told how a car she treasured for almost 30 years helped keep her going.

Gran-of-three May Rothwell lost her daughter Susan and her son Philip to illness when they were both in their late 30s. 

One wonderful lady owner ❤️

Even though her losses happened decades ago she still remembers them like yesterday.

May also lost her husband Richard some years ago but through all the heartache she’s endured, this positive lady celebrates the memorable moments she’s enjoyed travelling around England and Scotland in her prized Toyota Corolla GLi.

After having the car for a staggering 27 years without any hiccups, May, who is also mother to son Keith and grandma to three grandchildren, finally parted company with her wheels at the weekend. 

May’s treasured stunning silver saloon

But she vows to look back fondly on the adventures she had along the way. 

“It was the best car I’ve ever had,” said May. 

“That car was absolutely gorgeous. It went on and on and on.

“It’s been the best car in the world I think.

“Around the wheel edges it was a bit rusty. But it was still go-about-able.”

The ’93-plate Toyota took May and her late husband all around the UK. The couple had been cricket fans – proud members of Lancashire Cricket club – and never missed an away game.

They also regularly drove ‘old faithful to Christchurch near Bournemouth where they would enjoy a caravan holiday every year. 

But on Saturday, it was, sadly, the end of the road. May finally parted ways with her beloved wheels and sold the Corolla – with just 70,000 miles on the clock – to The Scrappers


May, from Astley Bridge, knew it was time to bid farewell to her beloved chariot after her son Keith stepped in. 

“Because I’m 90, my son didn’t want me driving anymore,” she explained. 

“I said to him, ‘I’m a better driver than you!’

“I’ve been on an advanced driving course where you have to drive on ice, all sorts.”

On to find a new owner ❤️

During much of May’s lifetime, the man, traditionally, would have been behind the wheel. But May was the driving force behind the wheel even when her husband was alive. 

Plush interior

She explained: “He was with the police and he used to drive up to Scotland and whatever.

“And then suddenly he came to a roundabout and a lady in front of him started to move forwards and suddenly she jammed the brakes on and stopped halfway through. He got out of the car and said ‘I’m not driving this any more – you can.’ 

“And that was it, he refused to drive. I was driving all the time from then and I liked it!” 

Now that May’s said her final farewell to her Toyota she’s taken comfort in the fact that it will be stored and looked after until it meets a new deserved owner. 


But she admits, if it wasn’t for her caring son stepping in, she’d still be giving it some welly!

“I’m very sorry that I’m not driving that car anymore. I really am. 

“But I’m glad someone else will get the opportunity to enjoy it, hopefully as much as I did.”

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