How do I scrap my car? The Scrappers reveal how

If you are searching online for ‘How do I scrap my car?‘ then this article will explain how you can go about scrapping your car in the UK.

There’s no doubt that for many of us, scrapping our car is a sad event but if it’s no longer economical to repair then you will need to send it to the big scrapyard in the sky.

However, it’s important that you use an authorised scrap car recycling centre, they are known as Authorised Treatment Facilities (ATF), and the steps to do so are straightforward.

Search ‘Scrap my car’ online

As you have probably realised already, the first step is to search online for ‘Scrap my car’ and find a suitable ATF. You will not have to nurse your vehicle to the scrapyard since they can pick it up.

Also, it was a common in years gone by to pay a scrapper to take your car off your hands but now it’s the car owner who will be paid and no-one should be charged to have their car scrap car recycled.

Sort the car scrapping paperwork

Whether you are selling or scrapping your car, it’s always important to get the paperwork sorted properly. Essentially, you need to transfer legal ownership because you will remain responsible otherwise for the vehicle. For example, not paying the road tax could lead to a DVLA fine of £80.

You also run the risk that someone gets hold of the vehicle and then racks up a huge amount in parking and speeding fines but these will land on your doormat if so.

When scrapping your car, you must notify the DVLA and obtain a Certificate of Destruction (CoD), which will be issued by the scrap car recycling centre.

You also need to hand over your logbook, also known as the V5C registration certificate, and then retain section 3 which notifies the sale or transfer of the vehicle.

With the section 3 and the certificate of destruction, you are no longer officially responsible for the scrap car.

Prove who you are

Under legislation brought in by the government, you will be asked to prove who you are to the scrapping firm so they will ask for your passport, or for a photocard driving licence and a proof of address.

These documents must be copied and then stored for three years so you should really deal with a reputable company who will not misuse the data you hand over. Dealing with The Scrappers will bring this peace of mind.

Avoid the dodgy scrapyards

While mentioning that The Scrappers are a reputable company, there are still dodgy scrapyards around and they will bring nothing but trouble.

For example, if they offer an unrealistic high amount for your scrap vehicle and you agree to sell it, they may then drop their offer by a huge amount when they come to collect it. You also run the risk of other dishonesty and misuse of your data.

It’s also important to appreciate that it’s illegal for a scrapyard to pay in cash for scrap vehicles in England, Scotland and Wales. Anyone offering to pay cash should not be dealt with.

Your car will be recycled

Today most scrap cars are extensively recycled so The Scrapper’s team will take their time to remove the parts that can be recycled and deal with hazardous material such as the batteries and oil so they do not damage our environment.

This issue of recycling is one of the reasons why you should only scrap your vehicle at an authorised treatment facility because they’ve invested lots of money in the necessary equipment and buildings for recycling vehicles properly.

If you want to know more about ‘How do I scrap my car?’, then it’s time to contact the experts at The Scrappers who can offer the best possible prices and collect your vehicle as well.