How do I scrap my car Manchester?


Feast your eyes on this little nugget of history.

It’s a piece of the past, very dear to The Scrappers heart.

Years before The Scrappers Metro Salvage ever came about, it was an old fashioned industrial waste and scrap yard. The site was all for  buying, processing and selling metal scrap.

Never did the then young scrapper Terry Walker think the yard he was selling ‘any old iron’ to would one day belong to him and his wife Lyndsay. 

Founded in 1924, back then the much smaller scrap and industrial waste concern at Bolton’s 228 Waterloo Street was known as Stones & Hutchinson. Their mission – to wage a ‘War on Waste” or W.O.W as they liked to shorten it to.

“Stones & Hutchinson was a well established scrapyard in Bolton from as long as I can remember,” recalls Scrappers bossman Terry.

“We used to weigh in there every day with whatever we’d find.

“And later on when I got a truck, we used to go out on the road begging for scrap. You know, shouting out like, “any old iron!” I’d weigh it all at Stones & Hutchinson on the weigh bridge, never thinking that one day we’d end up owning it all.”

But own it he did, taking it on thirty years ago, and the rest, as they say, is history!

These days not only do Terry and his crew continue waging war on waste, the Scrappers still very much WOW in other ways too.

They wage a constant battle to keep their Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) the cleanest and greenest car breakers and salvage yard around.

They achieve this by recycling everything they possibly can, minimising their carbon footprint as they keep a sharp eye on environmental impact.


Car parts that can be fitted in other vehicles breathe new life into many forms of transport prematurely thought to be beyond help.

The rest is recycled.

Up there with the WOW factors is undoubtedly Gloria the glorious grabber shredding and tearing into a vehicle like it’s tissue paper

So if you want to do your bit of WOW for the world, why not get in touch with The Scrappers. They will buy any condition of car, van, truck or bike from you – and pay the best prices around.

This applies to non-runners as well as runners. They will buy accident-damaged vehicles, end of life motors and MOT failures too.

And what’s more, they pay the best prices going meaning you’ll be saying ‘WOW” too!

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