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Scrap your car for cash

How do I scrap my car for cash?

Is your car or van ready for the big car park in the sky and are you looking to scrap it for cash?

If so, the friendly team at The Scrappers want to hear from you because they offer the best prices and as an authorised facility they will be able to dispose of your car legally and in an environmentally friendly way.

Indeed, if you are looking to scrap your car for cash then the process is relatively easy.

It also needs to be appreciated that an officially recognised scrapyard, or authorised treatment facility, should be used. That’s because they have been licensed by the Environment Agency and you will be breaking the law by taking your car somewhere that isn’t registered.


Check that the scrapyard you will be using is licensed


Always check that the scrapyard you will be using is licensed. Also, ensure that you tell the DVLA that your car has been scrapped or risk the chance of being fined £1,000 for failing to do so.

When scrapping your car, it will help to have the right paperwork available and this will include having the vehicle logbook.

While we all call it the vehicle logbook, it’s really the V5C and you can’t scrap your car without having it. That’s because the logbook proves that you own the car and will prevent any unauthorised sale.


Scrap your car and offer cash


Remember to keep the yellow slip from the document and get a receipt from the authorised treatment facility (ie the scrapyard) when they scrap your car and offer cash.

You will also be needing a certificate of destruction which will be emailed or posted to you within seven days.

This is an important DVLA certificate to prove that your car has been recycled and you are then absolved of any future responsibility for it.


How much will I get for scrapping my car?


The price being paid for scrap cars will vary between scrapyards and online offerings and some owners may decide they could earn more by selling some of the valuable car parts separately and then negotiate a price for what remains.

This option is only really suitable for those who know their way around a car and can handle spanners. Also, when all is said and done, after all the effort you put in you probably won’t make that much more than scrapping the entire vehicle.

Finally, when you have scrapped your car, ask for a refund on any unused insurance cover. You should also look into whether any road tax can be refunded. Otherwise, for the best prices for your scrap car or van, speak with the experts at The Scrappers.

Learn more about how to scrap your car with The Scrappers with this video: