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How Do I Scrap My Car?


If you tend to experience road rage, then you might want to avoid getting behind the wheel during hotter days.

We get in everywhere!

Hot weather has been linked to increasing aggressive behaviour.

When it suddenly goes scorchio again and temperatures  soar into their 30s it’s even more difficult to keep your cool – especially behind the wheel.

So if you are a hothead, give someone else the car keys!


Past studies have linked hot weather to aggression, so if you have form for losing it when you drive it might be a good idea to wait until temperatures drop again which in typical British weather style won’t be a long wait!

“..uncomfortable temperatures cause increase in aggressive motivation, and under the right conditions, in aggressive behavior,” noted lead study author Craig A Anderson in a Temperature & Aggression study conducted back in 2000.

“It is noted that people believe that hot temperatures increase feelings of anger and hostility, decrease alertness and energy, and increase aggression and violence. Cold temperatures exhibit exactly the opposite effects.”

It’s not just tempers that can suffer during heatwaves, your vehicle will need a little extra TLC too.

“Most people know that extreme cold weather can affect their car, but so can extreme heat,” says Scrappers bossman Terry Walker.

“Heat can raise some issues for drivers so save yourself the hassle and be prepared.”

Watch that paintwork!

Terry stresses the importance of checking your vehicle’s fluids, so check the following:

Antifreeze – if levels are too low they can cause overheating.

Motor oil – if the engine oil is low it stops lubricating the engine components and you may suddenly start hearing all sorts of funny noises.

Transmission fluids – if levels are low it’ll cause overheating because there will not be enough fluid to serve all the parts and therefore it will damage the transmission.

Windshield wiper fluid – when it’s hot it’s dusty, the road kicks up filth and if it hits your windscreen and you can’t clean it you won’t be able to see to drive which is highly dangerous.


Brake fluid – used to amplify braking function. Again, dangerous if levels are low.

Power-steering fluid – fluid that allows your wheels to turn easily, if your car isn’t turning like it should, have the power steering fluid checked.

Get your tyres checked – hot weather can make tyres expand so make sure that they are at their correct pressure. All Tyred Up is The Scrapper’s sister company catering for all things tyre related and they offer FREE tyre pressure checks so contact them if you need your wheels sorting.

Make sure your air-con is spot on –  every two years your car should have it’s air-con system serviced to refill liquids and ensure everything is working smoothly.

Over time the gas in the air-con system – known as refrigerant gas – dwindles and that can mean it’s not working efficiently.

All Tyred Up runs an air-con service to deal with these problems, and have experts on hand to help.

They provide a whole range of air-con inspections, from leak testing to refrigerant checks, plus temperature analysis and full scrutiny of all key air-con components.

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