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How Do I Scrap A Car Near Me?

Scrap Near Me


It’ll come as no shock, the rear-end well and truly fell out of the car sales industry with new purchases down by nearly 90 per cent compared to May last year.

Figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) show a mere 20,247 vehicles were registered in May 2020 and that was mainly after ‘click and collect’ services were introduced during the middle of the month.

Crazy to think though, this time last year there were 163,477 more car registrations and 

last month was the lowest in car sales since May 1952! That’s 68 years ago!

Now that car showrooms have reopened with new social distancing measures in place, there’s hope the market will pick back up again soon.

But for some motorists, it’ll mean keeping hold of their current car for longer than they intended. This means ramping up car maintenance practices so when it is time to sell a car your vehicle’s resale value will be at a premium. And getting your hands on quality replacement car parts when needed!


Measures including regular tune ups which could include replacing or cleaning systems like fuel filter, spark plugs and ignition wires. Make sure your motor’s oil is changed and check the engine has coolant so it doesn’t overheat.

Keep a check on tyres too, there is a straightforward penny test you can do to check the treads. Pop a coin in upside down and see if you can see the Queen’s head, if you can it’s time for new tyres, if you can’t your tyres are good to keep on turning.

To get longevity out of your tyres, it’s a good idea to rotate them, so when they wear, they consistently wear. 

Here at The Scrappers we offer all types of tyre services, from tyre rotations, to pressure checks, to replacement tyres.

We are the daddy day care of tyres!

We’re also major part players when it comes to used car parts.

That’s why we can keep you on the road with replacement car parts in Bolton at our enormous spare car parts hub.

We are proud to be Britain’s friendliest breakers yard in Bolton but serving the whole nation.

You might want to keep your wheels turning but your gearbox is done in, well your luck is in!


Engine and gearbox reconditioning is music to our ears. There’s nothing as satisfying as stripping down an engine or a gearbox and replacing the parts that are needed. They the delight of putting it back together again and seeing it work like new, but without the heavy costs. Heaven! 


Keeping you running with engine part replacements


We are entering a mend and make-do era, probably on the scale of which we’ve never seen before. But in times like these you can call on The Scrappers to keep you going.


We have 1000s of used car parts and all our parts come under warranty and we have 1000s of satisfied customers. 

So if you need the best used engines, if you want to buy a BMW engine, a cheap V6 engine,  or for any type of engine replacement or replacement gearbox, we will see you right. 

But if it’s more than just quality used car parts you need, if you reckon you need to scrap a car or scrap a van at a place when you can ‘scrap near me‘ The Scrappers can take care of that too.

We cover all corners of the UK and we are open 24/7. We will send a car collection agent out to you to collect your scrap car for free. Then you’re paid the best price which can help towards sorting a new set of wheels. Money goes into your bank and you’ll be issued with a certificate of destruction so you know things were taken care of at our ATF, safely and professionally.

Call us today on (01204) 388488.