How do I get the best price for scrapping my car?

Best scrap car buyers near me

If you’ve never scrapped a car before, chances are you’re probably in the dark about a few things.

For starters, should you actually be scrapping your vehicle in the first place?

There are a few pointers to bear in mind if you suspect it could be the end of the road for your vehicle. 

You should scrap your car when the repairs cost more than the car. So if your local garage has given you that look of despair, consider contacting The Scrappers.

The same applies if your car has been written off and wouldn’t be worth trying to fix. 

Or you may just want to get rid of it without having to sell it or you feel it’s not worth enough to sell. Again, speak to The Scrappers because you’d be surprised what we can offer you for your car.

If you want to get rid of your car quickly without stress contact The Scrappers.

We’ll take all the hassle out of parting with your car. No agro, just a healthy sum slapped straight into your bank account as soon as we collect your car.

A lot of people want to know, “how do I get the best price for scrapping my car?”

And The Scrappers would simply say this, “speak to us!” Just call 01204388488 and get a quote for your scrap car. Or go online and find out the value in seconds. We reckon you’ll be more than impressed with our offer.


The Scrappers have a reputation to uphold, for being the friendliest and best scrap car payers in the North West. 

People also wonder, “how much do you get when scrapping a car?” and that depends on the car you have. But that can easily be answered via our online calculator. 

And if you’ve been wondering, “what is the price of scrap cars today in UK” just contact us and we’ll have the latest prices for you. 

A lot of people are also wondering, “is it worth scrapping a car?” The Scrappers think so!

We’re a trusted ATF – authorised treatment facility and therefore we handle all scrap vehicles safely and greenly as possible.

When you scrap your car with The Scrappers you are helping to reduce your carbon footprint as we recycle as much of a vehicle as possible. 

Only ATFs can guarantee your car is being scrapped in accordance with government regulations. 

And we are known for being extremely competitive with our scrap car prices. So if you’re searching for “best scrap car buyers near me”, choose The Scrappers. 

We cover all of the North West and we buy any car. 

Call 01204 388488 today. 

And if you want to scrap a van check out Scrap A Van – offering he best prices for scrap vans.