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How do I get rid of old caravan

Carry on caravan!

This family of four generations were sad to bid farewell to their beloved caravan which has traveled the length and breadth of the UK.

The family from Oldham had had the old girl since the 70s but this weekend was a bittersweet moment for them as they finally bid farewell to their treasured lass.

During her heyday she’s taken them away extensively but wear and tear and time caught up with the old girl.

She had finally given up the ghost with a multitude of problems that would have been costly to fix.

So in the end they made an executive decision to bid farewell and called on the Scrappers to help.

Our collection guy was there in a heartbeat and picked up the caravan. But not before she was given a toast and good send off!

And as she was mounted onto our tow truck the family proudly posed for one last picture.

She then made her way back to the famous Bolton breakers yard to eventually meet Gloria, our glorious grabber!


On average the Scrappers normally collect around a dozen caravans a year. And like with other vehicles parts that can be salvageable are and often go and take residence in another caravan.

Then just like a car, Gloria the grabber will have a field day ripping and shredding into them so they are then picked in pieces of scrap metal and carted off to be recycled.

No caravan, no truck, no van, no vehicle is too much for Gloria or our hefty collection truck which often whizzes all over the place collecting cars.

The family from Oldham had grown tired of seeing the vehicle parked up in the driveway taking up space that could be used for other cars.

So if you have a similar problem, why not give them a call and a collection agent can come out and take it away. If you’re thinking, “How do I get rid of old caravan?” Call us! Or “who will take my caravan?” call us!


This weekend was also spent collecting accident damaged cars including a Honda civic in Leeds and VW more regionally based.

Collection isn’t just 9 to 5 either, we often run a 24/7 service, so if you’re looking for assistance then don’t be shy in contacting us no matter what day or what time.

You can always ring us on 01204 388488 or go on our website and tell us your requirements.

You can always take comfort in knowing your vehicle will be recycled which will help the environment. For example, the steel components of your car are 100 percent recyclable.

It’s estimated 10 million tonnes of steel are recycled in the UK each year, in fact. Steel counts for around 70% of a vehicle’s composition. In fact, like human skin, it’s the car’s largest organ! Recycling steel is vital in order to look after our planet. For example, recycled steel decreases water consumption by 40%  and water pollution by 76% as opposed to mining and processing steel from scratch. Pretty much every new car you see will be made of at least 25% recycled steel – how’s that for moving forwards!  So when you’re faced with the option of scrapping your vehicle, take heart in knowing you’re playing your part in making the world a greener and safer place – reducing pollution and resource consumption.

And who knows, one day you could cross paths with your former vehicle again in another form entirely!