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How can I sell my used engine?


Take a look at this massive pile of engines – there’s no vroom anymore!

Engines are beautiful

They’ve been stripped of parts that can get other engines purring again and what’s left will be recycled. 

There are so many engine components  – here’s just a few and what they do!

Engine block – The block is the main part, the main body of the engine. Every other part of the engine is bolted on to it. Engines are where the combustion happens. 

Pistons – The pistons pump up and pump down while the spark plugs are firing away. All this energy is what gets the tyres spinning via the drive shaft. 

Cylinder head – You’ll find the cylinder head attached to the top of the block which ensures there’s no loss of gasses. The cylinder is where the spark plugs, valves and other parts are fitted too. 


Crankshaft – This is located near the bottom of the engine block and it’s the part that does the energy converting from the piston engine to rotary. 

Camshaft – The camshaft’s role is to open and close the valves harmoniously with the rest of the parts.

Valves – So the valves are present to regulate the flow of air, fuel and exhaust fumes located in the cylinder head. The valves are both intake and exhaust valves. 

The oil pan – that’s attached to the bottom of the engine and it stores all the oil which is used for keeping the engine lubricated. 

So there you have it, your quick guide to knowing your way around an engine.

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