How can I sell my car quickly in lockdown?


It’s 2021! Happy New Year! Or should that be, happy new gear!!

A van in a scrap yard

The Scrappers want to assure everyone that we will continue to be operational even in lockdown. 

We realise that for key workers it’s critical to keep on moving and stay on the road safely.

So that means we will continue to provide the good people of Bolton and beyond quality used car parts at bargain prices. It’s our mission to ensure motorists who need to keep on moving, keep on moving safely.

Undoubtedly, we are facing a longer winter ahead of us. But it needn’t be bleak, at least when it comes to your motoring needs. 


You can still scrap a car, van, truck or bike even if we enter tough restrictions again.

You can still sell your vehicle too. There will be some people thinking, “I need a quick sale of my car,” we can help. Motorists will also wonder “how can I sell my car quickly in lockdown”. This is where The Scrappers can offer you answers. Folk may also be wondering, “who will buy my van in lockdown?” There is an answer for these questions and similar queries – The Scrappers. 

Let us deal with any of your vehicle related needs. We can help you with parts, to scrapping vans or cars or selling a vehicle and getting the best price for it.

It can all be done safely and securely with us. Our trusted network of drivers who will come and collect your vehicle. Our drovers do not need to step a foot inside your home, either. And because scrapping a vehicle legally requires the monies to be transferred into your bank account, there is no handling or passing on of cash.

Another safety measure we have put in place is social distancing in the yard. We are based in Bolton but we serve the nation, and we do deliveries too. So that part you need can be shipped out to your home or garage. 

We also sell used car parts online meaning you don’t need to step a foot into our salvage yard. Everything can be done via the wonderful world wide web. 


You can search online for a part and if you can’t find it call 01204388488. Our dedicated, friendly and helpful staff will work tirelessly to find the part for you.

We appreciate parting with a car can be a right old tug on the heartstrings. Cars become part of the family, they are full of memories. 

Day trips away with loved ones and dear friends. 

Memories of serious discussions in the car – maybe while stuck in traffic. Or simply parked up in the driveway. 

The Scrappers realise when the time comes to part with your car, it can be an emotional experience. That’s why we want to assure you that your car will be treated with the dignity and respect it deserves. Parts of your old car may go on and breath new life into vehicles, meaning your car lives on!

And because we are an Authorised Treatment Facility you car will be attended to and broken up respectfully. All out breaking is done and in an environmentally friendly way.

So while it’s perfectly normal to shed tears for your old gears have no fears – The Scrappers will take care of your old car.

Contact us today on 012040388488 or go online and find out what your vehicle is worth.