How can I sell my car for the most money?

 CARonation Street!


Can we have your AUTO-graph?! đŸ¤£

Most of you will know we’re partial to making a TV appearance or two!

We had a great run with two seasons of The Scrappers which even led to an award from The Royal Television Society!

But did you know the motors that come in and out of our yard have dabbled in a bit of thespian work too?

Only last month one of our cars featured on Coronation Street!

Kev and Kelly the mechanics were fiddling with a Vauxhall Corsa vehicle that we had provided with a detached engine which had been taken out by our very own Danny!

It’s not the first time Corrie have come calling for our cars either..

The legendary ITV1 soap has contacted us on numerous occasions to provide cars for any scenes in Kev’s garage.

“We’ve supplied a good few cars,” says Scrappers bossman Terry Walker.

“We also provided vehicles for a show called Scrapyard SuperCar which was great too.”

“When it comes to Corrie, they usually bring the car back after they’ve finished filming what they need to.

“Then all the other scrap cars in our yard are clamouring for the Corrie vehicles AUTO-graph!,” joked Terry.

Needless to say The Scrappers are always happy to help TV companies who need vehicles.

And who knows if you scrap your car with The Scrappers it may end up on the TV too!

It might get a brush with fame before a crush with our grabber Gloria!

But don’t forget scrapping isn’t all we do,

We also do parts – not TV parts but spare car parts!


Why not let The Scrappers help with any replacement parts you may need for a fair price rather than paying for brand new?

And we also get some amazing running vehicles in our yard so if you are looking to buy a car, or trade your current car then you could always come and see what the Scrappers have in store.

Another option is to scrap your vehicle and use the handsome payout we give you to go and find a new vehicle.

We will say it until we are blue in the face but The Scrappers will always pay the best price for a scrap car Bolton or nationwide.

It’s what the Scrappers do, best prices paid with a friendly smile. That’s why we have so many happy customers who come back to us whenever they need anything car related.

You may be wondering “how can I sell my car for the most money?” well why not find out the valuation of your car, van, motorbike or truck by using this online valuation calculator which will give you a price in minutes!

Alternatively pick up the phone and call the team and they will be able to give you a no obligation quote.

The Scrappers are an ATF breakers yard – Authorised Treatment Facility. So every vehicle that comes in for breaking is treated safely and greenly, minimising any negative impact to the environment.

In other words, everything that can be recycled and used again is and then any waste is dealt with following strict safety regulations.

So why not get in touch. The Scrappers are open seven days a week and operate on a 24/7 basis online.

Call 01204388488 or visit their website here.