How can I get the most money for selling my old car?


This gigantic truck is being loaded for Senegal in Western Africa.

Dozens and dozens of engines and other car parts will be making their way on a 2,777 miles trip from our Bolton salvage yard.

It usually takes a day to load up a 40ft container like this but it’s worth it, not just because of the monetary benefits but also because these engines are going to one of the poorest countries in Africa, and the world.

Hopefully these engines will in some way help people. By getting them on the road or by generating some income.

Around 15 million people live in Senegal and over half of that figure falls between the poverty level of £25 pounds a year. It’s hard to imagine how difficult life must be.

Senegal isn’t the only container that’s gone to Africa this week. Yesterday The Scrappers loaded one bound for South Africa. 


Global exports play a large part in the vehicle recycling game. Cars and parts can go on and get things moving in other parts of the world that might otherwise struggle with transportation.

You might have a car or a van you want to sell and if it’s for export you can get a very good return for that vehicle.

To keep up with growing demand why not find out if your car or van is worth more for export. 

Contact the Scrappers today on 01204388488 or go online.

They’ll give you a quote in no time and it’s a no-obligation quote, so what do you have to lose? Nothing – apart from the car you no longer want!

blankThe Scrappers are also on the lookout for alloys, so if you have alloys to sell then please get in touch. You can contact their sister company All Tyred Up on 01204567666 and they will pay you instantly for alloys.

Perhaps you have just kitted out your motor with a banging new pair of alloys and you no longer need your old alloys.

Don’t be letting them lay about collecting dust!

Get on the blower or drop The Scrappers or All Tyred Up a line and flog them! The money’s better in your back pocket after all!


So if you’re thinking, ‘does selling my car for export make more money?’ or ‘can I sell my car for export and get more money?’, the answer is yes! If you are wondering, ‘how to make more money selling my car for export’, then you know the score. Or you might be thinking, ‘how can I get the most money for selling my old car?’, or ‘where can I sell my alloys for best price?’, then, again, you know what you need to do!

And don’t forget you might also want to trade in your car and upgrade to something a little but fancier… often you can do that with The Scrappers too.

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So whatever you need motor-wise think The Scrappers who will always see you right.

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