How can I get the most for my car?

Have you been in lockdown with a car lover?
Bored Brits took to washing their cars more frequently during the coronavirus lockdown to pass the time.
Left with limited tasks in and around the home thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, cooking, gardening and cleaning became favourite amusements as we waited for life to get back to some kind of normal.
Lockdown has also forced us to get to know our nearest and dearest on a whole new level.
If you’ve been pretty much housebound with your lover over the past few months, you might have started to notice some new traits you hadn’t picked up on before.
For some, that maybe discovering just how how much their other half loves their car!
“A real car lover will love their car more than you,” laughed Terry Walker, founder of The Scrappers salvage yard in Bolton.
“There’s definitely a type of person who is much more into their vehicle than they are their wife, husband or partner.
“If you haven’t noticed it before, during lockdown you’ll probably have noticed who comes first; and for many it’s their car, not their partner!
“We get many customers in our breakers yard in Bolton who want to stay and talk about cars all day long. That’s a bit trickier now with social distancing – but for many car lovers this whole period has given them more time to devote to their beloved motors.”
Do you suspect you’ve been in lockdown with a car loving loved one who cares more for their car than you??? 
Check out these telltale signs below:
Since lockdown, you’ve learned loads of new car terms.
They’ve been spending more money on their car than you, ie quality used car parts
They post more pictures of their car than you on social media. 
Cosy nights on the sofa involve watching car shows or car themed movies.
You get a telling off if you slam their car door shut. 
They take hours to clean their car. 
Don’t even think about eating in their car. 
They curtain twitch every time a neighbour parallel parks next to their car.  
They suddenly wake up in the middle of the night shouting, ‘cheap V6 engines’ or ‘BMW car parts’!!!
Their favourite all time song is Queen’s 1975 track “I’m In Love With My Car.” 
They’re constantly telling car-related jokes like, such as: 
Q: What did the traffic light say to the car?
A: ‘Don’t look, I’m about to change!’
Q: What was wrong with the wooden car?
A: It wooden go! 🤣 
Q: What do you do if you see a spaceman?
A: Park in it, pal!  🚘 
If you have been in lockdown with a car lover then why not make their day and tell them about The Scrappers, chances are they will have seen Terry and the team on TV.
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