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You’d be forgiven for believing that the people of Hornby, were more interested in trains than cars. However, you’d be surprised to learn that The Scrappers is the best when you choose to scrap my car Hornby. You’re so lucky Hornby, you can always get the best price for your scrap car as The Scrappers service everywhere Hornby and the surrounding areas. We give the best prices on cars old and new and the make and model don’t matter either. For any car we have the right price. What’s more you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home, as we will come and collect your car for free. While we’re there to collect your car will will give you a cheque with an amount that will make steam come out of your ears. Get in touch today for any more information about the services we provide.

Buy Used Car Parts

Not only can you scrap a car Hornby, you can also buy used car parts for any make or model you might have as we’re a reputable breakers yard. You can be sure that every single used part that we have is cleaned and refurbished to the highest of standards. We aim to get our customers back on the road, so if it is an engine part, a part for the transmission and part for the body or the electrics, we will more than likely have it on our shelves right now. We can send your used car part to you, dispatching it by mail. We also have a recovery service for if you ever break down by the side of the road.

Call Us For Any More Information

Why not give us a call today, for any automotive needs that you may have. We will make sure that you’re back on the road or your bank account is a whole lot healthier, if you buy used car parts or scrap my car Hornby today. Our number is 01204 388 488 and you’ll be able to speak with a scrap car specialist.

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