Have a scrap car? Read The Scrappers guide …

If you have a scrap car and want to know what you should do next, then The Scrappers can help.

That’s because the firm are reputable car scrappers who offer the best price when it comes to scrapping your car.

There’s no doubt that owning a car can be an expensive business, particularly since they depreciate invaluable every year.

This means that cars older than 10 years with a high mileage are practically worthless and you will probably earn more by scrapping it than you will when selling it.

Also, older cars and vans are more susceptible to the growing numbers of towns and cities who are introducing ultra-low emission zones, such as that in central London, that will restrict vehicles with higher emissions from entering and driving around their city centre.

Among those that will be affected are taxi drivers, so if you have an old taxi, it’s worth checking to see how much your vehicle might be worth in scrap and investing the money in a new, emissions-friendly vehicle.

But knowing how to scrap your car properly means understanding the rules and regulations before you do so.

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Searching for a reputable car scrap yard

One of the problems when searching for a reputable car scrap yard is that the rules on scrapping cars have changed.

So while you’ll be looking for information on how to scrap a car for the most money, you should be wary about any vehicle scrapping firm offering cash to do so.

That’s because it’s now illegal to offer money for a scrap car and you must be paid directly into your bank account instead.

The other big issue when accepting money is that you will probably not receive a certificate of destruction which proves you have legally disposed of your vehicle and without this you are still legally responsible for it.

Tips to scrap my car

The tips to scrap my car will include approaching a scrap yard that is an authorised treatment facility.

This is crucial because the scrap yard is monitored by the Environment Agency to ensure that your vehicle is depolluted and then disposed of properly.

You may find that if you’ve been paid cash by an unscrupulous firm of car scrappers, they may strip valuable parts from it and then dump what’s left and you will be responsible for dealing with it.

In addition, you also run the risk that these unscrupulous car scrapping firms may rack up speeding fines and parking fines which you will also need to pay. This means that accepting cash has become a very expensive undertaking.

Instead, you should contact The Scrappers to find out how much your car is worth because there’s a thriving demand for spare parts from buyers in the UK and overseas.

This means that The Scrappers are able to pay a premium for many makes of scrap car so it’s worth using the online form to find out how much yours is worth or contact them by phone on 01204 388488.