Green Counterpart Driving Licence Abolished

Green Counterpart Driving Licence Abolished

As of June this year, the paper counterpart of issued driving licenses is to be scrapped. In an attempt to cut government spending, from June 8th 2015, when a driving license is issued, it will only be the card part.

New drivers, from June will only get the plastic card parts of the license and if you renew or replace a stolen license the same will apply. This comes after the announcement that old paper driving licences will become invalid this year.

Check Out MyLicence

The only difference between the paper and plastic licences is that the paper one holds some more information. However, all of this information will be stored digitally, and will be available for access through MyLicence, ‘This online service has been developed jointly by the DVLA and Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB) and will allow insurers to confirm motorists’ driving history details online, which should cut down on insurance fraud – especially where drivers neglect to mention driving convictions that would increase their premium if declared. To access this data insurers would need to receive permission from the licence holder, however.’ ( If you possess one of these green counterparts for your driving licence, after June 8th, you should destroy it.


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Always check in with The Scrappers for your up to date driving and transport news. With all the money saving incentives coming for the department of transport, including the abolition of the tax disc and counterpart licence, you can be sure that there will be more cuts to transport in the coming months.