Greater Manchester Recovery

Use our recovery service in Greater Manchester.

The Scrappers recovery service is a full package service, helping you to get back on the road when your car has broken down. Are you look for emergency recovery assistance that you can trust in Manchester? Then we are here to help you at home or by the roadside. Our recovery service team promises to be with you within the hour if your car breaks down within the Greater Manchester area.

Why wait hours waiting for a national recovery service? The Scrappers are a local Manchester recovery service and are guaranteed to be with you in the hour, within Greater Manchester. We have many drivers on the roads right now, within your area and they are a  team of friendly and helpful recovery service specialists. What’s more, the prices of our services are competitive with other recovery services, both locally and nationally and we always give you our best possible price.
There’s nothing worse than breaking down at the roadside, your car not starting for  the work or school run in the morning or being in danger, stuck on the hard shoulder for hours awaiting assistance. Well we can help to ease the stress and make your car recovery as quick and safe as possible. Whether it is just a jump start you need or more substantial mechanical work, The Scrappers are here to help you.

We know how stressful it can be, but our team of recovery specialists can handle any situation you happen to find yourself in. Whether you have broken down or had an accident, The Scrappers will go to great lengths to make sure you are back on the road as soon as possible, whether this is through roadside assistance or taking your car to any destination you choose in the Greater Manchester area.

Our local reputation is undisputed and our recovery specialists have a broad range of knowledge of all makes and models. They can be with you in Greater Manchester in an hour, but first they will let you know they are coming so you can be decided on the arrangement. The Scrappers is based in Bolton and so we can easily get to anywhere you choose in the North West in a couple of hours.

If you’ve had enough and have broken down one too many times. Maybe you have decided  that your car is ready for the scrap heap. If so, our recovery assistant can take your unwanted car off your hands as well. We will give you the best price for your scrap car and pay for the administrative services and fuel costs. What could be better than that? Furthermore, if a part in your car has failed and caused the breakdown, The Scrappers sell fully refurbished used car parts so we are sure to be able to find a replacement for the part in your car that has broken.

So don’t delay, get in touch for a friendly, local recovery service today. We’re The Scrappers and we’re here to help.