Great Scrap Car Deals for NHS Workers!

Dr Dre – Not a real doctor

We’re often contacted by various groups who’re looking for us to hawk exclusive promotions to their members, in exchange for us slipping them a few bob. One such request recently came through from some NHS marketing discounts dealie, and while we’re not subscribing to it (why pay people to market us when we do it so brilliantly ourselves?) we’d still like to show our appreciation for the doctors and nurses of the UK in our own unique way!

It’s a tough life working for the NHS. We empathise with their current plight – being under constant pressure to give top-class service at rock bottom prices is exhausting work, and the poor economic situation only exaggerates the problem! Not that we’d want to infer scrapping cars is half as noble as saving lives, or ‘owt. So, for a limited time only we’d like to extend a special offer to those NHS workers out there who are sick and tired of dragging themselves to Bolton Hospital on the bus, or waiting in the miserable cold for their train back home after a long day saving lives:

If you come to our yard and present proof of your employment under the NHS, we’ll let you haggle a bit more than we might normally!

And if you’re buying a car from us, we’ll even leave enough petrol in the tank for you to make it all the way back to Bolton Hospital, probably! You can’t say fairer than that. Doctors and nurses of the UK, we salute you. Come to The Scrappers today to cash in your bargaining allowance, and we’ll even chuck in a free coffee from our café if you spend more than £10! This offer only extends throughout Christmas (or until the gaffer forgets about it), so get your old bangers down here (or ring us to collect them) and trade your junk cars for some notes, or even buy a car (or car parts) from us for slightly cheaper than normal.

You can’t say fairer than that!