Gloucestershire Flood Damaged Vehicles

Flood Damaged Car Gloucestershire


Gloucestershire has been one of the worst hit places in the UK by the floods, with the River Severn bursting its banks, flooding the surrounding areas, such as Gloucester, Tewksbury, Cheltenham and Worcester. Not only has the floods saturated the countryside, but it has also spread into the towns, causing immense damage in its wake.

Homes and buildings have been damaged, and many vehicles have been ruined beyond repair. With roads turning to rivers, it would be no surprise if you want to scrap a flood damaged car Gloucestershire.

Best Prices for Flood Damaged Scrap

Why not turn to us? The Scrappers will take any car off your hands, regardless of its condition. And what’s more we will pay the best prices. For over 20 years we have been one of the biggest and most trusted scrap car dealers in the UK, we have helped customers weather the storm.

Wherever you may be, we will have a driver in your area, ready and waiting to come and take your car off your hands. We will collect your car for free and pay you a nice lump sum on collection. We always try to make bad situations a bit better for our customers.

Replacement Parts

Maybe the flooding has just damaged one specific part of your vehicle, and you just need a replacement part, we literally have thousands of clean (and dry) car parts, which can be picked up of delivered, so you can get your flood damaged car Gloucestershire back on the road.