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Scrap My Car Glasgow

Scrap A Car Glasgow

If you need to scrap a car Glasgow, or scrap a van Glasgow, why not get in touch with Scrap A Car Locally. We have drivers on the road at all times of the day, so wherever you are, and at whatever time you choose, we can be with you as soon as possible. Our team diligently check the fluctuating price of scrap metal by the day so when you scrap a car Glasgow, you will be offered the very best price on the day. When our driver arrives with you, he will pay you by cheque, which we find to be the most appropriate way.  It is now illegal to pay for scrap cars with cash, due to the steep incline in scrap metal fraud, however, we find our customers prefer to have the money handed over in cheque on the day of collection. We will always collect your car for free, we will never charge any hidden fees and we will deal with all the DVLA paperwork for you. This means that we will issue you with a Certificate of Destruction to prove your car has been destroyed and all you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the money we pay you for your scrap a car Glasgow.


Scrap A Van Glasgow

If you have a work van, and it has stopped running or starting, why not get in touch with us to scrap a van Glasgow. We will take any van off your hands, including a Ford Transit, a Mercedes sprinter, a Citroen Berlingo or any other van, whatever the size you happen to have. We have been the leading scrap a van Glasgow company in the industry for over 20 years, so you can trust that you will receive a  fantastic service. All our team is dedicated to making sure that our customer are happy with with the service they receive.

We make sure that every part that can possibly be recycled will be, and aim to be a zero waste company. Up to 90% of every car that comes through our gates is recycled, which means that it both goes through the process of stripping and depollution. Depolluting your scrap a car Glasgow, is when we filter all the harmful chemicals out of the car and dispose of them safely. Stripping is when all the parts that aren’t metal are removed from the car and the ones that are in a good working order can be reconditioned and sold on. Finally the car is crushed and this metal never goes to waste as it can be used again to make other cars. This really is the best form of recycling. If you scrap a car Glasgow today, you are reducing your carbon emissions and making the world a greener and safer place.


Buy Used Parts

We have thousands of parts on our shelves, just waiting to be dispatched. We have parts for the engine and gearbox and the body and electrics of all makes and models of car. So when you call us today on 01204 388 488 you can buy a used car part or scrap a car Glasgow.