A scrap van being processed

Get the best scrap van prices near me in Bolton

Need to scrap a van for cash? Call The Scrappers.

In the search for the best scrap van prices near me in Bolton, you would be wise to contact The Scrappers first.

Not only is this a Bolton-based family-run business, but they have racked up 30 years of experience in scrapping lots of vans.

The team will take any van in any condition and you simply need to be honest about the condition of your van, accept a quote and the team will organise for a free collection to take place.

Your scrap van can be picked up at your place of work or at your home or, if it has failed its MOT, for example, then the team can pick it up from a garage.

How much is your scrap van worth?

It’s a big question when you want to scrap a van and you want to find out how much it’s worth. The price being quoted is based on a number of issues including:

  • Your van’s kerb weight
  • The make and model of van
  • Your scrap van’s location
  • The condition of the van.

Essentially, the heavier that your van is, the more The Scrappers will pay for it. This is down to the current scrap metal prices that are available.

For those wondering why the scrap van’s location is important, you need to appreciate that there is an impact on the time and costs in picking your van up if you are located far away from the Bolton base.

However, it helps that The Scrappers has built-up an excellent network of reliable agents to work on their behalf who can pick up your scrap van wherever you are in the country.

Scrap my van – best prices paid

A scrap van being processed

If you need to ‘find the best scrap van prices near me’, then you should speak with the experts at The Scrappers who offer the best prices.

When you are searching online using the term., ‘Scrap my van’ you may find lots of van breakers being returned in the results.

You need to be wary at this point, particularly if the van scrap yard is offering to pay cash because this is no longer legally possible under the Scrap Metal Dealers Act.

Instead, to comply with the law you must:

  • Use an authorised treatment facility (such as The Scrappers)
  • Be paid directly into your bank account
  • Be given a certificate of destruction.

These are important points when you are looking to get the ‘best scrap van prices near me in Bolton’, or wherever you are in the country, and it’s worth taking the time speaking with the team at The Scrappers on (01204) 388488 or using their free online scrap van quotation form to find out how much your unwanted van is worth.