Get the best scrap van prices in London

The professional team at The Scrappers are looking forward to growing numbers of small business owners in London contacting them to earn the best scrap van prices because of the ultra low emission zone (Ulez) scheme.

The scheme begins on 8 April and will operate in central London, which means that older, more polluting vehicles will need to pay more to enter the capital’s centre.

In addition to the congestion charge, there will be a pollution charge for older diesel vehicles not meeting the Euro6 standard, so it will cost £24 a day just to drive into the centre.

If you do not pay this £24 a day charge, then you risk incurring a £160 penalty.

Need to know whether your older car or van will have to pay? Then check first at the Transport for London website for Ulez criteria.

Best scrap van prices
When it comes to earning the best scrap prices for vans in London you need The Scrappers – call 01204 388488.

Scrap your polluting van or car

These are expensive charges for small business and now may be the best time to invest in a newer, less polluting vehicle so you should be looking to scrap your polluting van or car and get the best price when doing so.

This will mean contacting The Scrappers who have a network of reliable and professional agents operating in London and the surrounding areas and can offer the best scrap price for your unwanted vehicle.

They can then arrange for someone to pick it up at a time that’s convenient to you and pay instantly into your bank account when doing so.

The vehicle will then be taken to an authorised treatment facility – which is monitored by the Environment Agency – for it to be depolluted and for most of the scrap vehicle to be recycled.

The Scrappers pay more

One reason why The Scrappers can pay more than most van scrapping firms is that they need to meet demand from overseas buyers wanting used van engines as well as spare parts.

There are a lot of reasons to recommend using The Scrappers for scrapping your polluting van or car and to find out more about what they can do and how much they will pay you for the best scrap van prices, then it’s time to contact the friendly team on (01204) 388488.