Get the best prices for scrap metal in Bolton

Demand for scrap metal is still growing around the world and if you’re looking to get the best prices for scrap metal in Bolton, then you need to contact The Scrappers today.

The prices that will be paid will depend on the quality of the metals you want to scrap.

In recent years, aluminium and copper scrap prices have been increasing though prices do fluctuate on a regular basis for all scrap metals.

The demand for scrap metal is led by various industries since these metals are recycled for use in cars and other production processes.

And since copper is a fairly scarce metal, it offers the best prices when compared to other scrap metal prices.

Also, copper is a nonferrous metal which also commands higher prices – as do aluminium, lead and brass.

The demand for scrap metal is very high and The Scrappers team will buy scrap metal from members of the public and also from trade customers.

cash for scrap cars
Which is the best firm to pay cash for scrap cars? Call The Scrappers on 01204 388488 to find out.

We offer a scrap metal collection service

For larger quantities, we offer a scrap metal collection service, so if you have lots of scrap such as copper wire or cylinders, then we are interested and will pay the best price.

It may be that you have surplus metal from a manufacturing process or you may be offering a recycling service to various parts of industry, including engineering firms and steel stockholders, which means The Scrappers are interested in what you may have to offer.

You may also know of The Scrappers as a famous car and van scrapping firm based in Bolton and we offer highs levels of customer service.

You can also drop your scrap metal at the Waterloo Street premises for weighing-in and be reassured that we will be paying the best prices for your scrap metal in Bolton.

Value of the scrap metal Bolton

We also comply with the law and will pay the value of the scrap metal Bolton directly into your bank account immediately. No reputable scrap metal firm in Bolton will offer cash for any type of scrap metal because this is illegal.

While we mentioned nonferrous scrap metal, such as aluminium, alloys and brass, there are also competitive prices being paid for scrapping ferrous metals too.

Scrap ferrous metals include light machinery and plant, engines, girders and heavy iron.

If you want to get the best prices for scrap metal in Bolton, you need to speak with the experts at The Scrappers today on 01204 388 488.

Get the best prices for scrap metal in Bolton