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French Fancy

No time like the present to cash in on your old or damaged Peugeot.
They’re in demand and The Scrappers are paying top whack for them.

So if you’ve got a Peugeot blocking up a driveway or garage, begging to be past on to pastures new, now’s the time to act!
Simply contact Bolton’s top car breakers and used car parts specialist The Scrappers.
In particular, we urgently need the following models: Peugeot 106, 206, 307, 406, 407 and 607. And we’re looking for all sized engines, including the 2.2, both diesel and petrol.
Once you’ve sold us your old or damaged Peugeot, a touch of motoring magic takes over. Not only do you get top price, put parts of your beloved French model keep other Peugeots running. Demand for spruced up and thoroughly checked used parts are running high. Now how many ageing French models can say the same?
So while the rest of your Peugeot might be kaput, there could still be a throbbing DW8 engine desperate to live on in another car.
Speaking of engines, we’re especially on the look-out for Peugeot turbos or XUDs? Have you got a 206 with a 1.1,  1.4 or 2.2 engine raring to go?
And, of course, we’re chasing body parts. You may have a Peugeot with a battered backside, but a front end that’s still sweet.
Perhaps you’ve got a 206 that’s all but had it, but a rear axle that’s awesome.
No-one knows how long this demand for Peugeot parts will last, but that old proverb was never truer: He (or she) who hesitates is lost. And nothing irritates like a lost chance to earn some dosh. So act now and, as an added bonus, enjoy the fact you’ll be doing your bit for the environment by recycling old French models. There’s still hope, Ms Bardot!