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Ford Mondeo for parts

20111222-015907 PM.jpg

I once knew a man with a Mondeo. Mondeo Mick we used to call him. Big feet, he had, like canoes. He used to have his car seat really far back to give his stompers enough space. Unfortunately he had really small arms too, so he used to grip his steering wheel with those grabbers they use to pick up litter. And you never could tell if he was looking at you because he had two lazy eyes. Dangerous fella to be driven around by, Mondeo Mick. Fortunately, he’s no longer knocking about, on account of being fictional. But if he were, he’d certainly be interested in this Mondeo we’ve taken into the yard today for breaking!

Y Reg, no serious faults, very tasty! Treat your Ford Mondeo-driving local weirdy beardy to a fresh set of rims from Bolton’s friendliest scrapyard – call today on 01204 388488!