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Flood Damaged Car

BRITAIN has been in the grip of severe storms lashing much of the country.


Undoubtedly the bad weather has meant general destruction, devastation to homes – and, of course, the battering of vehicles.


If you have a flood-damaged car you want to sell, The Scrappers are the team to turn to. We can collect your motor no matter how much of a sodden wreck the rains have reduced it to.  We pick it up anywhere for free, no fuss, no bother, and reward you with more than a trickle of cash!


As car salvage experts we are used to dealing with mangled motors in any sorry state. It’s what we’re good at. No matter how ruined your vehicle, we’ll buy it.


So when Mother Nature deals a cruel hand and there’s no Noah around to offer sanctuary, let The Scrappers be the ARKitects of your financial salvation.


No matter how severe the flood damage to your vehicle, we’ll take it off your hands and hand you a wad of crisp (dry) notes in exchange. That’s why so many distressed motorists are flooding us with calls across the country. So why not join them and give us a ring today?


Remember, however badly water-damaged your car – even if it’s a complete ‘wash-out’ – The Scrappers can get you home and dry by paying the best price for the vehicle.


And don’t forget, we’ll do the collecting, no matter how difficult the job. We draw on a wealth of experience in water-logged hotspots across the country, including the flood-battered South.


And because we’re government-approved car breakers, you can rest easy knowing we’ll deal with everything in a professional and environmentally friendly way, ensuring you get the best price for your flood-damaged car. We make sure you weather the storm and that the only ‘watering’ you’ll get from us will be irrigation of your bank account. And that’s thanks to The Scrappers’s unrivalled generosity!


And, oh yes, we can also help you with replacement used-car parts of the highest quality for any rain-damaged component. Whatever your needs, just give us a shout. The Scrappers – the motorist’s welcoming port in any storm!


Contact us today on 01204 388 488 or via our website.