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Flood Damaged Car Aberystwyth

Flood Damaged Cars Aberystwyth
scrap a flood damaged car Aberystwyth

The Welsh coast has seen its worst flooding in years, so if you have a flood damaged car Aberystwyth, why not give The Scrappers a call today. No matter the extent of the damage to your car, we will take it off your hands. We pay good money for any flood damaged vehicle. The UK has watched in horror as huge waves have battered the coast.

Worst Storms for Decades

This winter has been hit badly by storms and tidal surges, the UK has suffered battering rain and winds and rising rivers bursting their banks. Have gale force winds and high tides had you stocking up on sandbags? Flooding can severely damage you home, your town and even your car, causing utter destruction. 

Water logged cars can cost a fortune to repair, and sometimes the only option is to scrap your vehicle. If your engine has been damaged by flood water, make sure that you make the most out of a bad situation. If you have a flood damaged car Aberystwyth, get in touch with us today on 01204 388 488 and one of our drivers will come and take you car of your hands. 

Best Prices For Your Flood Damaged Car

With the Environment Agency still issuing flood warnings along the Welsh coast, scrap a flood damaged car Aberystwyth today for the best price, we’ll take that sodden lump off your hands. Don’t let your winter be a wash out, make some post Christmas cash.

flood damaged car