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Fireball at local Breakers Yard

Have you seen the papers today?

Videos were all over the news showing the horrifying moment when a car breaker made a lucky escape as the car he was working on burst into flames! The horrific scene shocked viewers when Lee Roberts of Chorley, Lancashire appeared to become a human fire ball.

The company, Douglas Valley Breakers, which Mr Roberts worked for has had to pay out a fine for £40,000 due to serious failings of health and safety.

We were shocked here at The Scrappers as we know that our trade is dangerous. Our professional company would never let what happened to Mr Roberts happen here. Our car breakers are the best at what they do and safety is our main priority.

If you want to sell your car for breaking or to buy any used car parts make sure you go to a trusted breakers yard. We are the best in the North West at what we do, so if you live in the area give us a call on 01204 388 488.