Find the nearest scrap dealer to me

Who buys cars near me?

Have you been searching for “who buys cars near me?” Because you want to sell a car fast?

Or maybe the time has come to scrap your vehicle and you’ve been wondering, “where can I scrap my car near me?” 

Maybe you’ve been hunting for the,”nearest scrapyard to me”. 

Or maybe you’ve been asking your smartphone to, “find the nearest scrap dealer to me”.

Then why not contact The Scrappers. They will buy your scrap vehicle and pay you well for it. Plus they also buy running vehicles if you’re looking for a quick sale.

They have an area in their yard dedicated to used car sales. So if you’re looking for a fast buyer, then you need to speak to The Scrappers who will put you in touch with their Metro Vehicle Sales department. 

The Scrappers cover the whole of the North West region. We have drivers that can come to you and collect your vehicle for free.

And because we know life can be busy, our drivers can work around the clock to suit your needs. So if you’ve been wondering, “can I scrap my car at night?” yes you can with The Scrappers. We offer 24/7 car collection service, so if you want to scrap a car at night we’ve got you.

Why not speak to a member of our staff by calling 01204 388488 and discussing your needs.

You can get a no obligation quote and if you like what we offer, let’s seal the deal.


Alternatively you go online and get a quote via our website. From Jaguars to Jeeps, Toyotas to trucks – we want to hear from you.

So if you want to scrap a Toyota Prius Manchester way, speak to The Scrappers.

If you want to sell a Toyota Prius Manchester way – speak to us.

Or you may be wanting to sell a damaged Toyota Prius Manchester way – not problem let The Scrappers handle it.

Just give us a call on 01204 388488 and we’ll do the rest. If you’re nervous about the paperwork side, don’t worry, we’ve dealt with hundreds of thousands of vehicle – millions in fact – so we can help you out!

Sao why not give 01204 388488 a call today and get the best deals for whatever vehicle you want to scrap or sell.

So if you want to scrap a Ford Transit Manchester way – give us a shout.

Or if you want to sell my BMW Bolton – call on us.

You may want to sell my damaged Mercedes today near me. Great speak with The Scrappers.

Remember we cover the whole of the North West. So if you’re looking for the best scrapyard in the North West come and speak to The Scrappers! 

Oh, and did you know we also buy scrap metal. That’s right, if you have a minimum of 1kg of metal to sell JAW Metals will buy it. They buy ferrous and non-ferrous metal. So why not get the most for your metal and contact them today.