Find Engine Numbers

Find Engine Numbers

If you’re having trouble finding your engine number, why not give us a call and we can help you locate it, our team of experienced mechanics and customer services will have no problem helping you find your engine number for whatever car you’re driving
We’ve seen thousands of cars come through our gates, so we can help you locate the tedious positioning of your engine in no time, what’s more enquiring as to the location is free!

So you really have nothing to lose.

Finding your engine number can be a difficult task, which is tedious because it includes the information regarding the year of manufacture, type of the engine and the country of origin. And if you had your engine number, would you know how to decode it to find out all this information? If not give us a call and we’ll help out, The Scrappers pride ourselves in our helpful nature and expertise in the motor industry.

Maybe you think that your car has had an engine swap and not been correctly noted down, if you think that anything unsavoury has happened to your engine, just let us know and we’ll help you find your engine number.

The dangers of not knowing your engine number after first getting or having had a car in your possession for some time, is that you’re unsure that the heart of the car is as it should be.

If you’ve failed to do a HPI check on the car before purchasing, or the previous owner crashed their car without alerting anyone else and doing a bodge job to get it running again, you should definitely find your engine number without anymore delay. If things start failing regarding the engine, if it isn’t an original, or the engine has done more mileage than the clock is reading because its a new engine then you could find yourself with just the husk of the car left that doesn’t need repairing.

So take pre-emptive action if you’re unsure on the location of your engine number and you need help finding it. We will help you find your engine number no problem whatsoever and will be happy in the knowledge that you know a little more about the history of your vehicle than you do at present.

Car cloning is rapidly increasing across the UK, the hiding of engine numbers and other vehicle identification protocols are being bodged. By recruiting our help to instruct you over the phone as to where to find your engine number then you can rid yourself of any doubts you may have about the authenticity of your vehicle in one foul swoop.

We can tell you what the engine number is supposed to look like, how many digits you’re looking for, what it means and what the history is of the engine.

If the year of manufacture doesn’t match up with the registration of the vehicle then you should take further action. But feel safe in the knowledge that our calls are confidential.

Whatever your reasons for finding your engine number, give us a call and we’ll help you locate it, no problem.