Find cheap tyres and bargain alloys


The school run, a joy for many – a nightmare for many more!

Parking, traffic jams, rushing to get the kids in class on time all play their role in adding pressure to this morning event!

After so many months of not having to do the school run due to the pandemic, this week and next week parents across the UK will be back in the driving seat or the school run again.

And before we know it winter will be drawing in and the dark nights that come with it will too.

The dark mornings won’t be far off also.

Don’t forget to be extra vigilant and look out for kids crossing as pupils return to the classroom.

You may be preparing to do the school run again, checking your vehicle is in good order – something many parents haven’t done since March!

And when getting behind the wheel it means being courteous to other motorists and being aware of where you park when you drop your children off.

You may only be stopping for a few minutes to take your children back to school but be mindful and considerate of where you park so you’re not obstructing the pavements for other parents and also for motorists.

Keeping your car in good condition is important so you don’t breakdown on the school run either.


So why not let The Scrappers help you stay safe on the school run and the road in general.

They have an extensive range of replacement car parts if you need them, including headlights, so you can see clearly and ensure you are safe on the road!

Let them sort you with replacement car parts in Bolton or nationwide.

This can either be by searching online or they can post the part to you.

You could also visit the yard if you prefer, because they would love to see you.

And don’t forget the Scrappers also buy any type of vehicle, from trucks, vans, cars, bikes. They also buy ferrous and non-ferrous metal too.


You will always get the best payout too as they won’t be beaten on price!

You may want to trade a car with them, so why don’t you come and see what they have in stock?

If your car is a running motor, they can pay you in cash.

But if you’re scrapping a car, an end of life vehicle, they will pay the money straight into your bank instead.

That old car of yours will be dismantled safely so that it helps keep this earth as green and healthy as possible.

You, the motorist, will receive a certificate proving your vehicle was scrapped in accordance with government regulations.

So whether it’s selling a car, scrapping a car, finding car parts make sure you pick The Scrappers to sort you out fair and square!

Contact them on 01204388488.

And if you are requiring tyres, why not contact their sister company All Tyred Up and find cheap tyres and bargain alloys – all under one roof!

All Tyred Up also offer free tyre pressure checks so if you’re concerned about your tyres then give them a ring on 01204567666.